Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)
Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)
Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)
Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)
Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)
Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)

Hansshow Modell 3/Y Nappa Svart lærshjul for Tesla (Inspirert av Modell X/S Yoke)

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    • Lik og sportig design: Hans viser et nytt styret ratt som er inspirert av OEM Tesla Model S/X Yoke ratt, vedta slank og sporty design for å opphøye modell 3/Y indre estetikk. Rattet er ikke laget av fabrikkens originale falske lær, men det er robustere og mer holdbart å bruke og rive. Den ergonomiske konstruksjonen gir en luksuriøs tekstur, som gir en komfortabel kjøringsopplevelse og bedre grep for håndtering.
    • Superior materiale: Dette rattet er utformet av høykvalitet, håndbygget og 100 % ekte lær. Topp-graden av lær fingeravtrykk og skrammer.
    • Arbeidsstyrke: Rattene våre er omhyggelig laget for lidenskapelige Tesla bilentusiaster. Hver kurve, sting og panel er tenkt utformet for å prioritere både komfort og stil. å sikre en virkelig ekstraordinær kjøreopplevelse.
    • Installasjon: Prosessen vår er ikke-destruktiv og krever ingen spesialverktøy. Det har ingen innvirkning på datamaskin eller airbag i bilen. Airbag, elektronikk, datasystemer og maskinvare fortsetter å fungere fullt ut, noe som sikrer samme pålitelige ytelse som før.

  • Merk: Dette er et ikke-originalt ratt i fabrikken!

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Installation Tutorial

OEM Roller Button

Hansshow Model 3/Y steering wheel features a unique Yoke design inspired by the Tesla Model X/S, tastefully finished with an Tesla original roller button. Enjoy a comfortable grip and reliable performance with its durable construction.

Manual Stitching Workmanship

Hansshow provides optimum comfort and safety with manual stitching workmanship for precision control. Upgrade your ride with latest technology, allowing you to drive with ease and assurance. Experience the ideal combination of durability and performance today.

Top-grade Leather

Crafted from high-quality, hand-built 100% real leather, this steering wheel offers exceptional durability while effectively preventing fingerprints and scratches. The top-grade leather upholstery ensures a sleek finish without any concerns about air bubbles or deformation. Its ergonomic design adds a luxurious texture, providing a worry-free driving experience and comfortable handling.

Cause 1: Incorrect installation alignment
Solution: Properly align the center groove indentation when installing the disk to ensure accurate positioning.

Cause: Improperly fastened clips

Solution: Disassemble, reposition the clips correctly, and reinstall.

Cause: Prolonged usage over time

Solution: You can purchase foam cleaning agents online for cleaning (without corrosive properties, to prevent damage to the leather).

Cause: Tightened clips

Solution: After watching the installation video, use a suitable tool to pry open the airbag cover.

Cause: The connector has two locking positions

Solution: Use a flathead screwdriver to push against one locking position while using your finger to push against the other locking position to disconnect it.

Cause: Damaged wiring harness or connector

Solution: You need to go to a specialized store to replace the wiring harness or connector.

Cause: Excessive adhesive inside

Solution: To avoid stripping the screws, you can visit a service center to request assistance with loosening them. Alternatively, you can attempt to disassemble them yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Luca Fedeli

Volante bellissimo, pregevole, livello premium ; si integra perfettamente con la mode y; consegna e package impeccabili. Consigliatissimo.

Jack Tusman
The best Yoke Steering Wheel

The Yoke Steering Wheel from Hansshow is the most complete one you can buy. There is only 1 part that needs to be removed from the original steering wheel and installed on the Yoke before it is installed on the car. It was a very easy install. This makes my model Y much more comfortable to drive. Looks great and works perfectly.

Arve Svenning
Model Y yoke

It was pretty good. One thing I am not happy with though: The left scroll wheel is rattling when driving. I ha e tried opening up to find the cause, but it seems like it’s something inside the whole mechanism that is loose. Other than that, it’s awesome 🤩

Glad I did it

At first, I was like why did I do this? The coolness factor? Because everyone else is doing it? It looks really cool?, which it does. As It turns out, I like the ergonomics of it. I drive just to drive again, like when you first got your drivers license. A lot of it has to do with the comfortable driving position and that’s without using auto pilot. I’m actually glad I did it.

David Helmly
Great quality and very close Model X

I also have a Model X with Yoke steering wheel and I wanted the same for my Model Y and this has the same feel. Very easy to install and lots of how to videos on YouTube.