glossy real carbon fiber dashboard and front door trim panel replacement kit
Matte genuine carbon fiber dashboard and door trim panel
Matte genuine carbon fiber dashboard and left door trim panel
Glossy  carbon fiber dashboard and door trim panel kits
Glossy real carbon fiber door trim panel kit
model 3/Y real carbon fiber dashboard
Glossy real carbon fiber door trim panel
Matte real carbon fiber left door trim panel replacement kit
Original Vehicle data mold opening door trim kit
Real carbon fiber  dashboard install comparision
Glossy Carbon fiber dashboard
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3
Modell 3

Modell 3

Bilmodell: Modell 3 2017-2020
Modell 3 2017-2020
Product Kit & Carbon Fiber Finish: Front Door Cap (2stk / sett) - glans karbonfiber
Front Door Cap (2stk / sett) - glans karbonfiber
Front Door Cap (2stk / sett) - matt karbonfiber
Dashborddeksel (1stk / sett) - glans karbonfiber
Front Door Cap (2pcs/set)-Matte
Dashboard Cover (1pcs/set)-Matte
Front Door + Front Door Trim (3pcs/set)-Matte
Førerside: Høyrekjøring (RHD)
Høyrekjøring (RHD)
Venstrekjøring (LHD)
SKU: 10I00054

Denne innvendige trimset erstatter alle dine originale instrumentbrætt og framdørsdeler. Wrap med ekte karbonfiber og produsert på samme måte som OEM karbonfiber trim, beholde alle OEM-oppføringspunktene slik at de passer nøyaktig som OEM-trykket.
Merk: Vårt erstatningssett krever ikke dine originale trimdeler. Ingen depositum kreves.

Innredningssett: 1 strekstykker og 2 deler av inngangsdøra.
Modell 3 2017-2021 ; Modell Y 2020-2021 ;
Materiale: Real Carbon Fiber, 100 % helt nytt
Karbonslut: Glans/Matte/3D tørt karbonfiber

Oppmerksomhet og tips

Alle karbonfiberprodukter fra Hansshow er håndlaget med 100% ekte tørre karbonfibermaterialer, ikke produsert av maskiner, så det vil være sporfeil. Hvis du har noe imot det, kan du tenke deg om to ganger før du bestiller.

Hvis det ikke er et kvalitetsproblem eller skadet, vil ingen returtjeneste bli gitt, takk for din støtte og forståelse.

Begrenset 1 års garanti: Dekningen omfatter defekter på originalproduktet, men dekker ikke slitasje og/eller skader forårsaket av installatøren.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ralph Rauso
Big time upgrade over wood

Has a high end feel to it, just as good if nit better then the actual oem wood panels. Super easy installation as well.

Why buy panels that cover up the wood or white whem you can get the real thing!

Cristian Del Toro
S3XY AF!!!

This thing is fire! I love it. Shipping, however, was trash. It took forever to arrive. But I love it!!!!!!

F Evelyn
Door and Dash Carbon

Bough the carbon dash and door card replacements back in November of 2023 for my Tesla MYLR. Since I bought it, it has popped every so often, with the sound of a rock hitting your windshield. Not sure if it has to do with our cold climate here in Ontario Canada. But it’s a super annoying sound. Days will go by and nothing and then randomly you will just hear a loud pop, even while just sitting in the car.

I waiting a number of months to see if it was a settling in thing. However we are now getting ready to roll into March and this sucker is still popping loud.

Looks great and the fitment is spot on. However I wouldn’t recommend this product unless you want to deal with the random pops like the thing is cracking.

George Oleynik
Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Dashboard & Front Door Trim Panel Replacement Kit

Very good quality and looks great

Stuart Dealing
Great quality, fit and finish carbon fibre dashboard

Very easy to install these replacement panels, just remove the existing pieces with a pry tool and clip the carbon fibre pieces on in place. Literally to me 30 mins to replace all three. I have the gloss carbon fibre which matches some other pieces in my car and it all looks so good. Not the cheapest solution but this looks really great if you like the carbon fibre look.