Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm
Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm

Modell 3 / Y Ultra Mini skjermskjerm

Bilmodell: Modell 3 2017-2023.08
Modell 3 2017-2023.08
Bil CPU-versjon: AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen
Intel Atom
Versjon: V3 (med berøringssnarveisfunksjon)
V3 (med berøringssnarveisfunksjon)
SKU: 10H00068


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    Jun 27 - Jul 01

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Perfectamente incrustado en el interior original del coche.

Diseño integrado

Pantalla de alta definición IPS 960 * 320; Apertura del molde de datos original del vehículo sin obstruir el flujo de aire del aire acondicionado, lo que lo hace más seguro y cómodo mientras conduce.

Información de sincronización en tiempo real

  • Pantalla de velocidad actual (KM/H o MPH)
  • uso de la batería
  • Estado del maletero delantero: encendido/apagado
  • Estado de la puerta: Abierto/Cerrado
  • Señal de giro a la izquierda/señal de giro a la derecha
  • Luz de carretera/luz de posición/indicador de luz de cruce
  • pantalla de engranajes
  • recordatorio de freno de mano
  • indicador de cinturon de seguridad

Tutoría de instalación

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Glen Gowan
Mini instrument cluster

Very easy to install and looks like factory quality. The instructions were missing info on how to adjust the time and values, but found it on a YouTube video. Great addition to the car!

Jimmy Kan
Ultra Mini Screen for M3/Y

I love the screen, perfect for steering wheel. but I find the fonts are a bit too small for people who near sighted or need reading glasses. if you can make the fonts a bit bigger and bold, it will be great for everyone.

joserae contreras
Great addition to 2023 Model Y

Needed to fill the negative space and helps me from glancing back and forth to the main screen speedometer while driving. It was helpful to watch a few videos of the install to get comfortable which made it faster for me to do the actual work. Make sure to switch to CAN = 2 when setting up the screen UI so that you won’t have the headlight indicator issue. Other that than that, I highly recommend this unit for someone like me who needs to have a display right in front of them.

Cliffe Bownai
Ultra Mini Screen Display for Model Y

I purchased the Ultra Mini Screen Display, it came in a couple of days. Looked over the product, it appeared to be of very high quality. Watched You Tube for instruction on installation. Installation is very simple. The only problem that I had with installation was locating the large blue plug. Took quite a while to find it behind the footrest are side wall. No 2 Tesla's appear to be assembled the same. After that everything worked fine. I have to work with the settings but that appears easy also. Another great Hansshow product.

Johna Prescotte
Hansshow product is satisfied once

This product is really great, the price is very good, the climate control is also on the screen, the screen is large, and the android system is very convenient.