Genuine Carbon fiber fog light trim cover
Black fog light trim cover for model 3
model 3 fog light trim cover display
Real carbon fiber front head light cover for model 3
matte carbon fiber vs glossy carbon fiber
lighter thiner real carbon fiber fog light trim cover
Glossy carbon fiber for tesla model 3
Modell 3 Real Carbon Fiber Front Foglight Trim Cover

Modell 3 Real Carbon Fiber Front Foglight Trim Cover

  • 제품 이름: 전면 안개등 트림 커버
  • 적용 모델: 모델 3
    재질: 100% 진짜 건조한 탄소 섬유 사양: 2 pcs/set
  • 솜씨: 오토클레이브 건조 탄소 솜씨
  • 설치 방법: 차량용 특수 양면 접착 테이프
Carbon Finish: Glans
SKU: 10P00007
  • 예상 배달 시간:

    Jun 27 - Jul 01

  • 무료 배송:

    무료 배송

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maya Powell
Certified Authenticity

Rest assured that you are purchasing a genuine carbon fiber product, verified by the manufacturer's authenticity certification.

Sydney Rivera
Eye-Catching Detailing

The carbon fiber weave pattern adds a unique and eye-catching element to your Model 3's front end, setting it apart from the crowd.

Ryan Haile
Easy Installation

With its precise fitment and adhesive backing, the trim cover can be easily installed without the need for complex modifications or drilling.

Natalie Morris
Premium Craftsmanship

Crafted with genuine carbon fiber, the trim cover showcases impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring a flawless and high-end finish.

Joshua Cooper
Striking Visual Upgrade

The real carbon fiber front foglight trim cover instantly enhances the exterior aesthetics of your Model 3, adding a sporty and luxurious touch.