Датчик удара задней двери с электроприводом модели Y


1.IP X7 waterproof, Work well in all weather conditions

2. Capacitive induction technology, high accuracy, ensure safety

3. High quality, 3 years warranty

4. Low power consumption

5.Universal plug for easy installation


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    Открытие / закрытие крышки багажника движением ноги

    When your hands are occupied, you can open or close the tailgate with a single foot movement under the car’s rear bumper.



    1. Use the kick sensor to open/close the tailgate automatically.

    2.based on the principle of capacitive:
    Using capacitive sensing to capture effective signals, accurately judge actions to prevent false triggers.

    3. Electrical hookup has never been easier, installation is designed for the do-it-yourself.

    4. This kit is designed for all family members to use.

    5.  Work well in all weather conditions eg. raining day.

    6. Upgrade your vehicle and provide you with a high-end luxury vehicle experience.


    New Generation Capacitive Induction Technology

    Two sensing antennas design

    Reliable & Trustable

    PCBA electronic equipment assembly workshop/equipment

    Laboratory and assembly workshop equipment


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