Тесла, модель 3 Power Liftgate и передний багажник (Frunk)


1. App Control:Your Tesla phone App would be able to control the power liftgate or power Frunk (Front Trunk).

2. Kick sensor:Using the optional kick sensor, you will be able to open or close the power tailgate.

3. Factory Wholesale:After testing in the field in California and China, our product is manufactured in our factory.

4. Fast ship:Wholesale cost for one power liftgate with shipping and handling is $430. Items will ship from China, California, Spain, via DHL, UPS, FEDEX or USPS.

5: This Price is negotiable for dealer or company.Please send enquiry to us, thanks..

You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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    Tesla model 3 Power liftgate Video:

    Telsa Model 3 power liftgate for trunk and frunk!

    * Use your Tesla model 3 phone App to control operation. (seamless opening or closing).

    * Easy plug and play installation of the power liftgate kit.

    * Open or close either front or rear liftgate using the infotainment touchscreen. (our power liftgate is the only one that has the ability for you to close your liftgate from the touchscreen)

    * You can also use the optional foot sensor to control the rear power liftgate.

    * Best Anit-Pinch tesla model 3 power liftgate on the market.

    model 3 power liftgate
    Tesla Model 3 power Front Trunk:
    Tesla Model 3 Frunk

    Tesla Model 3 power Front Trunk video:

    Product Image:
    aftermarket power liftgate
    Factory View:
    aftermarket power liftgate kit

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    power tailgate Installation guide

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