2014-2018 Audi A5 intelligence electric soft closing suction door

Products Features:

1. Automatic closing,the closing distance is 8mm, with smart induction and perfect closing.
2. Soft-close automatic operation for four doors.
3. Directly replacing the door lock of the original car, 100% nondestructive installation
4.New generation electronic child lock,can be directly controlled in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat
5. Safe door closing ,can Smartly identifying the action of door closing, completely locking by lightly pushing the door
6.intelligence anti-pinch , avoid pinch injury
7.Super silence,The noise is lower than 40db, you will not listen any noise.


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    2014-2018 Audi A5 intelligence electric soft closing suction door

    Automatic suction and elegant manner

    Push the door to the door to automatically close

    Electric Suction Door Demo Steps

    Smart electric suction door is simple and convenient to operate

    Large torque copper electric lock

    Good power makes the function more stable


    Electric lock

    Original car mold design, Hall sensor electric lock, replace the original car mechanical lock installation

    Main box

    The main box is made of ABS, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof; built-in brushless DC motor, safe, efficient and quiet.

    Free installation

    Take electricity from the original car’s fuse box, easy to install; the red wire is connected to the positive pole, and the black wire is connected to the negative pole (or grounding)

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    3.We also can provide you with other products ,such as power tailgate,power liftgate ,action sound control,seat massage module,head up display,handle door,Electric sliding door,smart ring and so on

    4.Can provide product installation video, product installation professional technical personnel online technical support guidance.

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