Actualización de audio premium modelo 3 SR


1. Activate the original 6 speakers.

2.Improved surround sound.

3.Adding a crossover to ensure that all speakers work

4.Designed by a German tuning master

5.Support wholesale, OEM group purchasing at a very good price.


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    Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade installation video

                                                                                       Model 3 power frunk and Trunk (click here)

                                                                                      Model 3 massage module (click here)

                                                                                     Model 3 Led ambient light (click here)

                                                                                     Model 3 head-up display(click here)

                                                                                      Model 3 BSD system(click here)

                                                                                       Model 3 soft close door(click here)

                                                                                      Model 3 auto door handle sensor(click here)

                                                                                      Model 3 active sound(click here)

                                                                                      Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler(click here)

                                                                                       Model 3 audio upgrade kit(click here)

    Tesla audio upgrade kit

    Which speakers of your Model 3 do not sound?

    The standard battery life version of the original car speaker has 6 silent, vocal effects are not clear, the treble is not transparent, and the surround sound is lacking

    What do we upgrade your Model 3 speakers?

    Light change package Activate 6 speakers that are not working in the original car Improve the surround sound, the mid-range and high-frequency levels are more distinct


    Tesla Model 3 upgrade content

    Front door tweeter

    HD is clear and transparent, sweet and long in your ears

    Front door mid-bass

    The midrange is gentle and full, the music is comfortable and soft

    DSP power amplifier installed in the trunk10-inch dedicated subwoofer

    Audiophile-grade sound processing, surging bass, experience the live experience


    Product real shot display

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