Audi Q3 Automatic Tailgate

Audi Q3 automatic tailgate is very useful with an intelligent system. It includes multiple control methods that permit you to open and close the trunk with ease.

Additional features include:

  • intelligent anti-pinch
  • height preference memory
  • customized closing force
  • sound prompt function

The electric tailgate will enhance your fondest experiences with your car.

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Audi Q3 Automatic Tailgate

Materials of Audi Q3 Automatic Tailgate

Hansshow  automatic tailgate opener is made of imported German spring material, aircraft-grade aluminum, and a superb quality motor. It is certified for CE, FCC, and ROHS. And it has IP65 rating.

German Springs:

Our electric tailgate uses German imported springs. The whole electric tailgate system is able to run for a longer period due to its aircraft-grade quality.

Excellent Quality Strut:

The aluminum alloy strut and ball stud of our electric tailgate is light in weight. But they possess very excellent strength. As a result, you will use them for several years without fear of deformation. Our electric tailgate is also Automotive OEM standards approved.

Water and Dust Resistant:

Our electric tailgate holds a high IP65 Waterproof Rating, so you know it is water, splash, and dust resistant. It has been tested in controlled extreme laboratory conditions.

Multiple Control Options of Audi Q3 Power Tailgate

You can control all the varied features of our power tailgate Audi Q3 with a wide selection of options for your convenience:

  • onboard car screen button
  • tailgate button
  • smartwatch
  • smartphone (through the app)
  • foot sensor

Enjoy extreme convenience in controlling our electric tailgate. Manipulate it through a downloadable app on your smartwatch or smartphone, the existing car screen button, the tailgate button, or the foot sensor.

Features of Electric Tailgate Audi Q3

Anti Pinch:

Our electric tailgate can detect unexpected obstacles and then apply the emergency brake system. The traditional tailgate cannot detect this, so it will most likely pinch or strike the blockage during the closing procedure.

Height Memory:

The height memory feature of the electric tailgate enables the car owner to set the electric tailgate’s maximum opening height according to his height and usage habit characteristics.

Reminder to Close:

Our electric tailgate reminds the car owner to close the door by an automatic sounding of the alarm. Therefore, it helps with the avoidance of property theft.

Quiet Closing:

Our electric tailgate has a function that makes the closing process silent and smooth. You’ll appreciate this function when you realize you didn’t disturb your neighbors or wake up sleeping folks.

Our electric tailgate is just one of the several intelligent car accessory systems that we have on stock. Order now and avail of our free shipping wherever you are in the world.

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