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BMW Série 5 pour hayon électrique

1. Hands-free access power tailgate

2. Driver position control power tailgate door switch

3. Install the close button on the trunk door

4. The original tailgate button opens the hands free tailgate.

5. Price:200~300


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powered tailgate for BMW 5 Series (201-2017)

Installation requirements:
1, both sedan and the SUV a comfortable entry (door handle unlockautomatically or from the car automatically unlock one meter can beinstalled) and an power liftgate release, you can drive with your feet canshut the trunk trunk
2. sedan comfortable entering, without power liftgate kit (no best tailgate assist models, press the key to auto play the tail gate can beinstalled, but the closure also need to manually close)
3. in addition to sedan SUV must have comfortable access to tailgate assist shock can also be installed.
Product introduction:
Kicking the trunk opening system (Easy Open System)
1, foot sensor microwave radar technology, sensitive and accurate;
2, handle sensors using PKE technologies, precision, security;
3, combined with the original network management protocol;
4, used car standards;
5, original wiring harness plug connection;
6, current safety and reliable.

power tail gate BMW 5

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