Electric Tailgate Lift Supports Struts HONDA

hatchback struts Parameters:
1.Condition : 100% Brand-new;

2.Type : Elecric Tailgate Gas Strut;

3.Fittment : Rear Trunk Right and Left;

4.Car Model : HONDA ;

5.Application: For vehicles with automatically opening tailgate;

6.OEM Part Number : 74961TG7315/74961TG7325/74961TLA305;

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Compatible Following HONDA Models :

Notes Maks Model Years BodyStyle OEM Part Number
HONDA CRV 2017-2020 Hatchback 74961TLA305
HONDA PILOT 5-DOOR 2016-2017 Hatchback 74961TG7315
HONDA PILOT 5-DOOR 2018-2020 Hatchback 74961TG7325

Rear Tailgate Lift Supports Struts HONDA PILOT 5-DOOR 2016-2017

OEM Part Number : 74961TG7315/74961TG7325


Electric Tailgate Lift Supports Struts HONDA

Product Feature:

1.Applicable Vehicles:Electric Tailgate Gas Lift Strut for HONDA car.
2.Vehicle location: Rear Tailgate.
3.Function: the Tailgate Gas Lift Strut can help you to open and close the liftgate tailgate hatchback intelligently.
4.Advantagess:Easy installation,safety and reliable, energy saving and long life service.
5.Quality assurance: our products have been strictly tested. The performance, function and durability of our products are the same as those of the original vehicle strut, which can be directly replaced with the original ones.

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