Ford Transit Power Sliding Door

1.Five switch modes
2.Correct Plug in,to realize with damage with plugging in for the car socket position.
3.Smart Anti-pinch function ,to be safe and reliable.
4.Strong electric suction, to lock stably and tightly.
5.Silent click,to be switch smoothly.
6.Support wholesale, OEM group purchasing at a very good price.


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    Ford Transit Electric Power Sliding Door

     why you need power sliding door?

    1.Multiple switching methods

    There are five methods to open and close the door automotive instead of  hands,which not only improves the elegance of the door opening, but also it’s very convenient when it is inconvenient to open the door by hand

    2.Smart Anti-pinch function

    when the middle door is running,it will reboun with high sensitivity when touching the obstacle

    Product Features


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