Hansshow traje universal Power Tailgate para 399 modelos

It can be controlled by:

  • remote car key
  • tailgate button
  • central control button

Six advantages:

  • preferable height adjustment
  • speed control
  • abnormal detection & prompt
  • anti-pinch
  • low noise
  • This model is suitable for 399 different models.

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    Why do you need a power tailgate?

    Do you encounter the following scenarios in your life?

    It’s time to upgrade your tailgate system.

    What is a power tailgate?

    Power tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate by simply pressing a button.
    This smart aftermarket lift gate provides additional security and value to your vehicle.
    Installation is designed for the do-it-yourself and comes with various brackets depending on your car.

    Change the way you deal with your tailgate, and use the best lifting system you can get.

    Hansshow power tailgate system is designed to simplify your life.


    Eight technological functions, enjoy smart life

    Power tailgate Effect display video

    Electric tailgate function introduction

    1.Multiple control methods:

    original car screen button, tailgate button, smartphone, smartwatch, foot sensor, etc.

    2.High memory

    For some petite people, they have to squeeze their feet to close it. For some tall people, it is easy to bump the head. The height memory function means that the owner can arbitrarily set the opening height of the tailgate according to usage habits or height characteristics. 

    3.Anti-Pinch Function

    The intelligent power tailgate can detect obstacles and realize emergency braking.When it operation,  if someone is near the tail door or other objects touch it,it will immediately stop working  to prevent people from being trapped or injured.

    4.low noise:

    Low noise can prevent Sleeping baby are awakened and disturbance to neighbors


    Electric tailgate lift strut details

    Compatible models

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