Honda CRV aftermarket power liftgate

  1. Open and Close the power tailgate lift using kick sensor.
  2. Open and Close the electric tailgate using the key fob.
  3. Close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate).
  4. Open the universal power liftgate kit using front button.
  5. This Price is negotiable for dealer or company.
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    Honda   CRV

       Smart  electric  tailgate

    Smart anti-pinch/one key smart


    Have you encounter the following situation

    Are you still worried about the “unintelligent” tailgate

    Luxury configuration in seconds, intelligent control

    Enjoy the convenience and easily control your trunk

    Product Key Points

    Keep improving and perfect

    1.A variety of switching methods, free control

    Even if your hands are fully loaded, you can open and close the door effortlessly, showing elegance

    2.Intelligent anti-pinch safe and assured

    Automatic detection of resistance sensor during operation, run quickly when encountering obstacles, to prevent pinching

    3.Height free adjustment memory lock

    Height can be adjusted freely and locked memory management, people of different heights can set their own opening height

    4.Intelligent self-locking suction

    The door is automatically sucked and locked at the moment of closing to prevent accidents when the door is not closed

    Real shot show

    All renderings are real shots of the vehicle, what you see

    Honda CRV aftermarket power liftgate

    Suit for Honda CRV 5 Generation 2017+.

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