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Infiniti Q50 power tailgate


When it comes to Infiniti Q50 power tailgate, we know you want the best quality and function in the market. It relies on:

  • a high-quality motor
  • aircraft-grade aluminium build
  • imported springs
  • FCC, CE and ROHS certified
  • IP65 rating

It brings you:

  • customized opening and closing speed
  • height adjustable
  • memory system remembers the height of the electric tailgate
  • closing force can also be customized
  • a built-in anti-pinch function
  • sound prompt function

QX50 hands free tailgate boasts all the control in the palm of your hand:

  • open and close the power tailgate lift using kick sensor
  • open and close the electric tailgate using the key fob
  • close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate)
  • open the Infiniti auto tailgate using the front button

This power tailgate kit suits for QX50 2013+

Professional Installation service expected. Find an installer

Wholesale Price available. Price is negotiable for dealer or company.


You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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Craftmanship of Infiniti Q50 Power Tailgate

We are proud to present our own take on the Power Trunk market. Our Infiniti Q50 power tailgate relies on a high-quality motor. It ensures constant and reliable functioning for long periods of time. The aircraft-grade aluminium build ensures the entire setup is sturdy but lightweight. At the same time, it ensures the product’s resistance to time. The imported springs bring both elements together and ensure neither the motor nor the rods suffer from any stress due to the constant movements. Our Infiniti auto tailgate is FCC, CE and ROHS certified, letting you know that quality is present in every aspect of its design. While its IP65 rating confirms it’s resistance to any form of blunt or water penetration. All in all every step of our design speaks for quality, and our power liftgate system stands as one of the best in the market.

Infiniti Q50 power tailgate

Control Methods of Infiniti Q50 Power Tailgate

All the control in the palm of your hand.

A common issue with older power trunk models lies in the nature of its controls. Certain models pack one or 2 keys at most for the opening system. This not only makes them liable to get lost but also means that the user must add more trinkets to their keychain or wallet. Our power trunk system, on the other hand, allows for multiple control inputs. Its own dedicated controller is available of course. But if the user would prefer an alternate method it can also be configured to a kick sensor. Meaning that depending on your choice you might not even have to carry any controllers.

Infiniti Q50 power tailgate

Features of Infiniti Q50 Power Tailgate

Designed for your comfort.

Beyond that, the Infiniti power tailgate kit counts with a multitude of features designed for the user’s comfort. Our clients can choose the opening and closing speed to their personal preference and even how far it opens. All of this can be reconfigured and the power trunk memory system ensures that the input configurations will be remembered after each usage. In addition, even force can be controlled and the anti-pinch feature is one that will keep many fingers away from unfortunate accidents. It all comes down to the smart sensors which detect obstacles and avoids closing if any are detected. Protecting both you and the power liftgate from unwanted collisions.

Infiniti Q50 power tailgate


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