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Infiniti Q70 power tailgate


Infiniti Q70 power tailgate can start as low as $499, or up to $549 depending on what’s in your budget.

It is suitable for QX70 2016+.

There are so many great things about this electric tailgate we just have to list them off.

Loads of great and striking features:

  • customization to the opening and closing speeds
  • adjustable height
  • memory system to remember the height of the electric tailgate
  • the closing force is also able to be customized
  • a built-in anti-pinch function for comfort’s sake
  • the sound prompt function

Multiple control methods:

  • open and close the power tailgate lift using kick sensor
  • open and close the electric tailgate using the key fob
  • close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate)
  • open the Infiniti auto tailgate using the front button

If you need any advice during your install, you can reach out to us by dropping an email, and we will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.

If you are in need of a professional installer for this kit, please contact us directly so we can locate an installer in your area. Find an installer

We support Wholesale Price. Price is negotiable for dealer or company.


You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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Features of Infiniti Q70 Power Tailgate

Infiniti Q70 power tailgate has customization to the opening and closing speeds depending on your need. It also comes with adjustable height, letting you customize it to your height. So you don’t have to strain or even slouch down. The best part is the memory system, which will remember the height of the electric tailgate. So you don’t need to shift it anymore. The closing force is also able to be customized, allowing for a smooth, slow opening or if you’re on the go be quicker to match your pace. This feature will even help with noise reduction. So if you have a sleeping kid the trunk won’t wake them up.

Ever forget to close your trunk, then before you go to sleep realize you left it open to anyone walking by? With this electric tailgate, it will sound an alarm if left open too long so those worries are gone!

That’s not all for this electric tailgate, it even comes with a built-in anti-pinch function for comfort’s sake. To wrap up the great features of it the sound prompt function of it let’s you know when the electric tailgate is opening. So you don’t have to walk around your car, see it not open and walk back to open it again. Every quality of life you’d need is here, especially when it comes to opening this great Infiniti auto tailgate!

Infiniti Q70 power tailgate

Control Methods of QX70 Hands Free Tailgate

The first and most straightforward is the key fob. Just press to open or close it. Simple as that.

Next is a good, old fashioned front button. This is great for popping it open after it’s set to what you like for ease of access.

What’s more, there is an electric tailgate button around back to close it.

To round off another way to open, Infiniti auto tailgate even has a foot sensor to allow ease of opening if your hands are full trying to load something into your vehicle.

Infiniti Q70 power tailgate

With these loads of awesome features, we don’t see a reason to use a normal tailgate that gets stuck or slams shut every time. High customization, easy to open and warns you if your car is in danger with the alarm. Infiniti Q70 power tailgate has it all for affordable prices.

Infiniti Q70 power tailgate


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