Mercedes-Benz sound system car stereo speakers

1.These three version for upgrade car audio
A.version 2.1 Configuration:loudspeaker*2, a subwoofer, a main engine.Dual speakers and subwoofer design
B.version 4.1 Configuration:DSP drives 4 door speakers of the car, 1 subwoofer ,1 control box.Computer and APP tuning
C.version 5.1 Configuration:One Set Of Dedicated Non-destructive Wire,One Diamond Surround Mid-range Speaker,Dedicated Subwoofer for Special Vehicle,Control box
2.Data opening of the original vehicle,special vehicle customized
3.Greatly improve the music atmosphere in the car
4.hansshow car audio Wholesaler


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    Mercedes-Benz sound system car stereo speakers

    Version 2.1

    Version 4.1


    Version 5.1

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