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Model 3, Y Head Up Display

$399.00 $249.00

Model 3, Y aftermarket head up display is for you to experience safe and, stress-free driving. It will show all the crucial information needed, such as

  • current speed
  • battery consumption
  • energy recovery status
  • gear, etc

It makes long journeys easy as it will serve as your companion, guiding you through the way till you reach your destination.

  • Perfectly match Tesla Model 3, Y
  • Full colors and HD pictures
  • Same graphical interface as original car
  • Concealed wiring
  • Synchronized projection
  • Automatic photosensitive design
  • Fast installation in 20 mins

It comes with:

Note: Plugs of model 2018 and 2019+ are different. Carefully choose the right one for yours.

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tesla model 3 display
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Here is the best model 3 aftermarket heads up display, well-performed and number one ranked. Display this hud lets you stay informed of your car statistics when driving it. It displays all information on its high-resolution screen, letting you experience the best moment while driving. You do not have to take your eyes off. The road as it offers good visibility, and clear audio sound.

model 3 head-up display demo

Features of Model 3 Head Up Display


Our aftermarket heads up display for Tesla Model 3 displays information in a clear and vivid manner. It projects data in full colors and HD pictures. The large screen gives width and height to the pictures, making it easy for you to see reports, without straining your eyes. It is advisable to clean the screen very well before setting up the device to avoid dirt clogging on the displayed information.

tesla model 3 aftermarket hud

It gives a report on vital information, like the car speed fuel consumption, battery level mileage consumption water, temperature. And it gives off an alarm when there is a sudden change in speed, voltage temperature or there is a fault in the car’s engine.

It features an auto-adjusting sensor that easily changes the level of lighting according to the conditions of your location. For you, it will lighten the ambient light spontaneously when the natural becomes too low for you to read the data.

It is very easy to install. No need the expert experience. You can set it at any angle convenient, so it displays information directly in front of you, letting you face the same direction you were going. Therefore, it prevents you from looking away from the road. What’s more, you can start using it immediately after installation.

tesla model 3 aftermarket hud

model 3 aftermarket heads up display product specficationpacking list model 3 aftermarket heads up display

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