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Model 3 Power Frunk V3 Power Trunk V4 Upgrade Kit


Tesla Model 3 Power Frunk V3 and Power trunk V4 have come. HUGE New Features You Should Not Miss!
Accessories for Model 3 Frunk V1, V2 upgrade to V3, Trunk V1, V2, V3 upgrade to V4.

1. The Frunk Upgrade Kit will help you upgrade your V1, V2 power frunk into a brand new V3. It comes with:
Touch Screen Close Function added based on the only open function of older versions, super convenient;
– Upgraded lock and strut motor, not even a slight noise;
– Updated software, better soft close function;
– Optional Universal Foot Trigger, truly hands-free;

2. The Trunk Upgrade Kit is for V1, V2, V3 power trunk upgrade to the latest V4.
– Update the software and electric suction lock, achieve an extreme soft closing effect.
CANBUS plug, even safer system.
– Car key & kick sensor control more sensitive, prevent false triggering.
Prompt function for tailgate not closed.

3. With a Waterproof Bag for tesla model 3 power frunk controller, no longer worry any malfunction because of controller get soaked as your car getting pelted with sleet snow rain. FYI: It cost you $20 to buy a waterproof bag alone due to the freight. Yet if you buy it together with the frunk upgrade kit, the waterproof bag is only $10! The price automatically subtracted when you placing an order.

4. Help yourself to the universal Kick Sensor option. Enjoy the hands-free option to open and close your frunk.

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Hansshow Model 3 Power Trunk V4 Upgrade Tutorial

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