Model 3/Y BSD Blind Spot Detection System Monitoring Assistant


It can detect targets within 30m distance , and finally output alarm signals, including first-class alarm and second-class alarm,and penetrate smoke, fog and dust all day, Also can detect the objects in real time to calculate the velocity, angle and relative displacement of 64 objects at the same time.

Applicable Model: Tesla Model 3/Y
Includes four functions: BSD, LCA.RCT and AOA
Product consists:
– two 24Ghz millimeter wave radars with single and double antennas
– two indicator lights or special car blind area rearview mirrors
– a buzzer and connecting wiring harness


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    TESLA Model 3/Y BSD Blind Spot Detection System Single-shot Dual-receiving Millimeter Wave Radar Change Lane Safer Monitoring Assistant

    Working voltage:8-36V
    Working frequency band:24Ghz
    Working temperature:-40℃ ~ +85℃
    Power consumption :< 3W
    Water-proof level:lp67
    Range accuracy:Better than 0.18m
    Detection distance:30m
    Transceiver antenna: single-transmit and double-receive
    Radar chip: Infineon
    MCU chip: ST
    Shield the third lane: √ yes
    Same speed follow warning: √ yes
    B-pillar warning: √ yes
    BSD blind spot monitoring: √ yes(start at own vehicle speed> 18Km/hour)
    LCA lane change assist: √ yes (start at own vehicle speed> 18Km/hour)
    AOA overtaking warning: √ yes(start at own speed>18Km/hour)
    RCTA reverse crossing warning: √ yes(15 meters, start in reverse gear)

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