Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade


1. Activate the original 6 speakers.

2.Improved surround sound.

3.Adding a crossover to ensure that all speakers work

4.Designed by a German tuning master

5.Support wholesale, OEM group purchasing at a very good price.


You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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The whole set of Hansshow Model 3 audio system directly plugs and play installation, no after-sales problems, safe and reliable.

The world’s first low current, low energy consumption, loud sound pressure, the entire system only needs 9.3A current drive,

does not affect the normal use and cruising range of the vehicle itself, safe and reliable, special design for Model 3.


Professional tailor-made Tesla Model 3 dsp14.1 audio-visual system, DSP power amplifier host adopts 96k-class ADI chip,

Japanese JRC operational amplifier, Japanese ELNA silk-class high-efficiency capacitors, high-level design.


With enthusiast diamond quality (OEM for Bose) surround midrange, and special computer tuning software production,

it will bring shocking 3D surround audio and video effects to everyone sitting in the car, the perfect experience of

Tesla technology and fashion, speed, and Passionate driving pleasure!


Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade installation video

Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade

                                                                                   Model 3 power frunk and Trunk (click here)

                                                                                  Model 3 massage module (click here)

                                                                                 Model 3 Led ambient light (click here)

                                                                                 Model 3 head-up display(click here)

                                                                                  Model 3 BSD system(click here)

                                                                                   Model 3 soft close door(click here)

                                                                                  Model 3 auto door handle sensor(click here)

                                                                                  Model 3 active sound(click here)

                                                                                  Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler(click here)

                                                                                   Model 3 audio upgrade kit(click here)

Tesla audio upgrade kitModel 3 Premium Audio Upgrade

Which speakers of your Model 3 do not sound?

The standard battery life version of the original car speaker has 6 silent, vocal effects are not clear, the treble is not transparent, and the surround sound is lacking

Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade

What do we upgrade your Model 3 speakers?

Light change package Activate 6 speakers that are not working in the original car Improve the surround sound, the mid-range and high-frequency levels are more distinct

Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade



Tesla Model 3 upgrade content

Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade

Model 3 Premium Audio Upgrade




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