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Nissan Murano Power Tailgate


Change the way you deal with your tailgate, and use the best lifting system you can get.

Nissan Murano power tailgate system is designed to simplify your life.

Due to its high-quality construction and its abundance of features, you can rest assured that your car will be using the best Power Trunk system in the market.

  • Intelligent Control System
  • Anti-pitch Function
  • Memory Function for Height Preference
  • Abnormal Situation Reminder
  • Soft Closing Function

This model is suitable for Nissan Murano 2017.

Fast ship (3 -5 days): Wholesale price for 1 power liftgate includes shipping and handling fee is $430. Items will ship from China, California, or Spain, via DHL, UPS, FedEx, or USPS.


You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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Manufacturing of Power Tailgate

Everything starts with the material. Nissan Murano power tailgate adopts aircraft-grade aluminum at it’0s core. This unique material allows it to be incredibly resistant and to handle any possible weight. But it also ensures that the key pieces remain light and easy to handle, avoiding unnecessary stress on the parts or engine.

Additionally, the spring systems are all made of German Importation quality materials. They are designed to ease the friction between pieces and make sure that regardless of the load all the pieces work smoothly.

The motor of course doesn’t stay behind. Its high-quality engineering ensures that the strong pieces have the power required to seamlessly and quietly raise and lower the door.

Every single part of the Power Tailgate system is made to the highest standards. Therefore, resulting in one of the best options in the market.

Additionally, our system not only has an IP65 rating. This means that it’s completely sealed from any sort of dust. And it is incredibly water-resistant, making it virtually unaffected by the weather.

But it has also CE, FCC & ROHS compliant, meaning that all the parts and the system as a whole have passed with flying colors all American and European tests.

Features of Nissan Murano Power Tailgate

The selection of features the Power Trunk system has is also a big part of the appeal. It is up to you to decide and program the opening and closing speed. You can choose what sounds will play if any when opening the door. And one of our personal favorites has to be the anti-pinch system. Small sensors make sure that the Power Trunk doesn’t fully close if a hand or item is in the way. Making it incredibly safe for family vehicles too.

However, what might be the most convenient feature in our Power Trunk and Electric Tailgate System is its multiple control options. Each user can choose where to install the opening controls. Meaning that they can use a dedicated control, opt for door button, install a unique pedal for it, or even handle all the opening and closing functions from either their phone or their dashboard. With the Power Trunk and Electric Tailgate system, the choice is always in your hands.

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