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Nissan Qashqai Power Tailgate


Nissan Qashqai electric tailgate is an exciting exploration of the world of intelligent vehicle technology. It allows car owners to open or close the tailgates using numerous control methods easily.

  • open & close the power trunk using a kick sensor.
  • open & close the trunk using the key fob.
  • close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic liftgate).
  • open the power trunk using the front button.

This model is suitable for Nissan Qashqai 2018.

Fast ship (3 -5 days): Wholesale price for 1 power liftgate includes shipping and handling fee is $430. Items will ship from China, California, or Spain, via DHL, UPS, FedEx, or USPS.


You may place the order directly or leave your information below to complete your request. We welcome both wholesale and retail orders!

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Features of Nissan Qashqai Power Tailgate

Intelligent Control System
From the original car screen button to foot sensors, Nissan Qashqai power tailgate has a variety of control methods. You could even command it using a foot sensor.

Anti-pitch Function
For this model, we enhance safety with a power liftgate that can sense a barrier and execute emergency braking. It is unique from the common tailgate that is likely to hit or pitch during the closing processes, and you, the car owner may be prone to such accidents.

Memory Function for Height Preference
With this function, a car owner can set his or her trunk or frunk to a particular opening height based on his or her height characteristics or usage habits. The system is quick to learn and masters this function with the user’s preference. The tailgate opening to a custom-made height is also a guarantee.

Abnormal Situation Reminder
Car owners are prone to not shutting a car door properly and driving away; this system will not allow you to get away with such abnormal situations. If such happens, an alarm will sound, signaling the driver of an anomaly within the car. The alarm beeps until the problem solved. This system is a safety measure for the car owner too.

Soft Closing Function
Electric tailgate does not bang, and it closes silently and smoothly. Car owners with babies on board are taken care of; it is so silent, a sleeping baby will not be disturbed when shutting the trunk or frunk. You will not disturb your neighbors with the sound of banging trunks in the silent night.

Designing the  Electric Tailgate

Germany Imported Springs

Power liftgate for this model used for opening and closing the trunk or frunk uses German imported springs. These are aircraft-grade springs that will, therefore, make this whole magical system operate longer.

High-Quality Strut

Robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy strut and ball stud are used. They will surely last for years to come without any distortion like bending.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

An electric tailgate is dust, water, and splash resistant and has been tried under controlled laboratory conditions.

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