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QX30 hands free tailgate

QX30 hands free tailgate has a trunk opening via an automatic liftgate. It can be controlled via:

  • Open and close the power tailgate lift using a kick sensor.
  • Open and close the electric tailgate using the key fob.
  • Close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic liftgate).
  • Open the universal power liftgate kit using the front button.

It suits for QX30 2017+

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What is QX30 Hands Free Tailgate?

Power Liftgate is one of the most advanced and convenient technologies. It is for bringing a comfortable life.

Basically, this feature allows us to open and close any liftgate (frunk or trunk) without touching it. This can be done by switching the switch on the indoor door panel or pressing the button on the SmartKey remote control.

Hansshow has exerted our creativity and introduce you to a better hands-free method to open the trunk, such as swinging your feet under the bumper or kicking the bumper in a straight kick.

If you are impressed, our QX30 power tailgate also uses the foot sensor (optional).

QX30 hands free tailgate

Benefits of Having A QX30 Hands Free Tailgate

QX30 hands free tailgate is awesome. This innovation is the first thing anyone will think of when they are full of arms, but they need to open the trunk. Imagine walking into your car with two bags full of groceries. Do you put them down or just open the suitcase and put it in?

Even if your hands are free, we are pretty sure that you will not leave fingerprints or stain your hands. So this is twins for you.

The technology also has an obstacle sensor, which can prevent the lift door from opening fully when an obstacle is detected. You can also set its maximum height. Therefore, if you have a low garage, rest assured.

Characteristics of QX30 Power Tailgate

Our hands free tailgate is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, German spring material, and top motor.

Service Comes with QX30 Electric Tailgate

Global free shipping (including US tax) installation of dedicated kick sensors in Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe, etc.

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