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Tesla Massage Module for Model 3,Y


Hansshow brings Tesla massage module for Model 3 to the market. Now you can get a soothing massage within the confines of your Tesla!

Mode of Massage: Air-pressure. It uses the existing air bladder in the seat to produce rhythmic air patterns.

Comfort Level: It effectively alleviates and loosens your back up on your drive. If you combine that with the heated seats, this is a great addition to the Tesla.

Points of Contact: The pump ranges from the top to the bottom, to back and forth, reaching just the right pressure points.

Note: Model 3 air vent port only have version USB-C type. Kindly notice when placing the order.

The price is for one massage module. Please order 2 if you need the massage module for both 2 front seats.

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Hansshow Seat Massage for Tesla Model 3 (USB A Variant)


Tesla Massage Module Demo and Installation Guide


Tesla massage module works perfectly with the factory air bladder in the seat. And it is super easy to install!

Kindly note that Model 3 has 2 versions of air vent port, USB-A type and USB-C type. Choose the correct one for your Tesla.


Features of Massage Module for Model 3

Tesla massage module uses the existing air bladder that’s in the seat. It just puts pressure there and pulls the air off to alleviate and loosen your back up on your way home. If you combine that with the heated seats, this is a great addition to the Tesla.

This Tesla massage seat is an easy system to install. All it does is add a control module. You just have to remove the back of the seat and hide the module underneath the seat and get all the cables right. What’s more, you’re not adding any extra buttons. It uses the existing original buttons.

tesla massage modele for model 3,y diagram

Stay awesome, stay positive, and stay relaxed with your Tesla Massage Seats!

  • Get road trips more comfortable. If you are a fan of long road trips, then you will know all the pain of sitting. A massager seat can help you make your body relaxed and keep your journey more enjoyable.
  • Lower the stress level. Stress control is very useful for your overall health, and this massager seat module can help you do this. Massage helps the body relax, which can reduce stress levels and even reduce cortisol content in the blood. This is especially useful after a hard day’s work.
  • Improve blood circulation. A deep and invigorating massage can help your blood flow. Better circulation has a positive effect on your overall health and helps organizations recover faster. Any improvement in blood circulation also helps to maintain muscle health and reduce soreness.
  • Emotional enhancement. In addition to making you feel relaxed and comfortable, regular massage will also trigger the secretion of endorphins, literally making you feel happier. They also help calm pain and stress.
  • Improve back pain. Using a massage cushion can help reduce chronic back pain and tension. It does this through muscle stimulation, which helps calm them down.

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