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Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle (4 Doors)


Hansshow auto present door handles for Model 3 is now available! They work the like those on Model S, except that the handle swings the same way as it would manually. Now you can open your Tesla 3 door without pushing or pulling the door handle. It works under the following conditions:

  • when the car is unlocked
  • when you touch the handle
  • when the Model 3 APP / key fob is in range

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the price is for one set, including 4 handles

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Tesla Model 3 auto door handle from Hansshow borns for Perfection and Higher-Tech. Thinking about their working ways, we would say it is great to have them :

  1. When the phone/key fob is in a range of 2m, the driver’s door handle will present automatically.
  2. Gently touch the door handle, it will present automatically.
  3. Use the Model 3 APP to control the handle.
  4. Use the dashboard touch screen to control the handle.
  5. The original key card can control 4 door handles to present at the same time.

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