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Model 3/Y Electric Suction Door & Ambient Auto Door Handle (4 Doors)


For Auto Door Handle:
If your Model 3/Y performance Maded in China and delivered after 2021/12+ , pls check your CPU version and select the correct version when place your order.

How to confirm your car CPU version?
Check on the screen of the original vehicle :
software > extra information > CPU

Features of Hansshow ambient auto door handles for Model 3/Y:
– Automatically wireless open handles
– Key fob control handles open and close
– Gear control handles open (P) and close (D)
– Screen button control handles open (unlock button) and close (lock button)
– App control handles open (unlock button) and close (lock button)
– Touch handle open and close

Highlighted features of electric-suction doors:

– Mechanically close the doors in a gentle manner
– Extremely silent that even your sleeping baby will not wake up because of the door closing
– Excellently fitting to the original lock position
– Safety feature with the electronic child lock
– Close the door completely to provide assured security
– Anti-slam, anti-pinch

Difference between V3 and V4  for Auto Door Handle:
– No turn signal light function
– The installation is complicated, need to disassemble the orignal door handle kit, and then assemble with our door handle kit
– Simple installation and Fast installation time
– with turn signal light function
(turn signal light color: Yellow)

Difference between V3 and V4  for Electric Suction Doors:
– The installation is complicated
– Small size, original factory style 1:1 design
– The installation process is simple, no wiring is required, and the plug is directly plugged in
– Fast installation time, one door only needs 30 minutes to install
– Manufactured using mature technology, good stability, waterproof, no noise

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Model 3/Y Car Doors – Hansshow Ambient Auto Door Handles & Electric Suction Door Demo


If you enjoy a few of these convenience features you might find on other vehicles such as the electric suction door and automobile door handles on the Model S, then you are definitely going to love these new kits for model 3 car doors from Hansshow auto body smart parts

Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle Kit

One of the coolest things about walking up to a Model S is the door handles. If you have a key fob, they will auto present themselves, like they just know should be ready for you to open the car. And then when you get inside the car and you’re driving it, they retract back. This not only makes the car look good but also makes it sleeker with less wind resistance, as well as slightly better efficiency.

The Tesla Model 3 Auto Door Handle kit from Hansshow works just like these Model S door handles, with the handle swinging out the same way as if you were to push it in with your finger.

The door handles work in 3 different situations:

– when the car is unlocked
– when you touch the door handle
– when your mobile device with the Tesla app (or your key fob) is in range of the vehicle

This kit borns for Perfection and Higher-Tech. Thinking about their working ways, we would say it is great to have them! How To Upgrade Concealed Door Handle Of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Electric Suction Door Kit

Tesla soft electric suction doors are doors that close automatically and quietly. When the door is within a quarter of an inch from closing, the sensor activates the motor to pull the door closed. Whenever the door is closed (even if done manually), the system will activate to ensure that the door closes completely. When the door opens, the system will activate the automatic lock. As a result, the door can always be closed properly without laborious or loud discomfort.

Automatic & soft closing
-Tesla electric suction doors from Hansshow provide a soft close function as an aftermarket enhancement that enhances comfort, security, and safety. The closing distance is 8mm, with perfect closing and intelligent induction.

Safe closing
-Intelligently recognize the door closing action, gently push the door to lock completely.

Opening and closing in any case
-The electric suction car door kit can open and close in emergency situations such as power failure.

-Noise below 40db, you will not hear any noise.

Logic anti-trap
-During the closing, the door will stop closing immediately when it touches the finger, thus preventing pinch.

A new generation of electronic child lock
-To control directly in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat.

Replace in the original position
-Directly replace the door lock of the original car, 100% lossless installation.

Installation Video

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