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Tesla Soft Close Doors for Model 3 (4 Doors)


Tesla soft close doors are a door retraction system designed to softly and mechanically close your model 3 car doors, quiet as a whisper.

  • Soft close and automatic operation for four doors
  • Super silence
  • No more door slam
  • Replacement at the original position
  • Logic anti-pinch

It comes with:


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Product Description

Tesla soft close doors are doors that close automatically and quietly. When the door is within a quarter of an inch from closing, the sensor activates the motor to pull the door closed. Whenever the door is closed (even if done manually), the system will activate to ensure that the door closes completely. When the door opens, the system will activate the automatic lock. As a result, the door can always be closed properly without laborious or loud discomfort.


  1. Automatic & soft closing

-Tesla soft close doors from Hansshow provide a soft close function as an aftermarket enhancement that enhances comfort, security, and safety. The closing distance is 8mm, with perfect closing and intelligent induction.

  1. Safe closing

-Intelligently recognize the door closing action, gently push the door to lock completely.

  1. Opening and closing in any case

-The soft close car door kit can open and close in emergency situations such as power failure.

  1. Ultra-quiet

-Noise below 40db, you will not hear any noise.

  1. Logic anti-trap

-During the closing, the door will stop closing immediately when it touches the finger, thus preventing pinch.

  1. A new generation of electronic child lock

-To control directly in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat.

  1. Replace in the original position

-Directly replace the door lock of the original car, 100% lossless installation.



Working Principle

Install the device within the door panel. With a magnetic sensor, soft close doors cars will detect when the door almost close. The device will then gently close the door completely and then lock it securely. Just like the BMW soft close doors, this device allows the doors to close gently before they turn safely pulled fully close.
Tesla Soft Close Doors for Model 3 (4 Doors) When the lock tongue is in the latch state, the tongue begins to move under the force of the spring. While the tongue starts to work, and the tongue and the cable are synchronized, the motor box clutch separates and the Holzer sensor in the motor box triggers. The motor starts to tighten the movement and realizes the self-suction full lock from the surface.
When the door/outer door handle is pulled, the pull rope of the door handle pulls the joint arm. The connecting arm breaks the lock hook device. The lock tongue rotates along the axis direction and loosens the lock buckle to realize the complete unlocking door. Tesla Soft Close Doors for Model 3 (4 Doors)

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