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  • Installation: Plug and play, non-destructive installation, without affecting the original vehicle functions and the opening and closing of the glovebox.
  • USB 3.0 High-Speed Transmission: Harnessing USB 3.0 high-speed transmission technology, compact size, high efficiency; no more waiting for data retrieval.
  • Multiple Charging Interfaces: Transfer speeds (20-60Mbps)\USB 3.01\USB 2.02\Type-C*1 simultaneously meet various application needs, allowing for charging, gaming, music playback, and simultaneous use of a dashcam.
  • Miniature Size: Mini cubic design, compact form factor, takes up minimal space, efficient heat dissipation without overheating (SR temperature control chip, automatic cooling for low-temperature transmission).

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Technical Support: +1 949 826 6200

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    Oct 07 - Oct 11

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  1. Long press the P-gear button, release after 4 beeps to initiate OTA upgrade.
  2. Long press the P-gear button, release after 6 beeps for after-sales OTA upgrade.

Upgrade following the specified method.

Reason: Manual switching inside the door handle.
Solution: Refer to detailed picture instructions.

Reason: There are 7 colors: Rainbow, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple.

Reason 1: Check if the gasket is installed.
Solution: Install the gasket.

Reason 2: Handle wire malfunction.
Solution: Swap the control and corresponding handle wires with the wires on the same side for inspection.

Reason: Check if the control box Bluetooth is connected.
Solution: Connect to the control box Bluetooth.

Reason: Check if the wiring harness is properly connected.
Solution: Reinsert the interface.

Reason: Right after installation, check if the gasket is installed.
Solution: If not installed, install it; if already installed, remove it.

Reason 1: In non-P-gear situations.

  1. Short press the handle button, press the handle end, and the handle won't pop open.
  2. When the mobile phone is connected to the in-car Bluetooth, the handle won't open.