Infiniti Q50 power liftgate 2013+,tailgate automatic

Power Tailgate: Yes
Foot Kick Sensor: Yes
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When it comes to Infiniti Q50 power tailgate, we know you want the best quality and function in the market. It relies on:

  • a high-quality motor
  • aircraft-grade aluminium build
  • imported springs
  • FCC, CE and ROHS certified
  • IP65 rating

It brings you:

  • customized opening and closing speed
  • height adjustable
  • memory system remembers the height of the electric tailgate
  • closing force can also be customized
  • a built-in anti-pinch function
  • sound prompt function

QX50 hands free tailgate boasts all the control in the palm of your hand:

  • open and close the power tailgate lift using kick sensor
  • open and close the electric tailgate using the key fob
  • close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate)
  • open the Infiniti auto tailgate using the front button

This power tailgate kit suits for QX50 2013+



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Infiniti Q50L

Smart electric tailgate

Live lock/intelligent anti-pinch

Four opening methods

Feel the convenient life brought by smart technology


Eight core functions

Start your quality life


1.Kick induction

Lift your foot (normal speed) to reach under the rear of the car and sweep it, or kick it to open/close the tailgate, which is practical and convenient.


2.Double pole support

 It adopts double rod design and imported materials from Germany, which is more stable than the original operation.


3.Smart anti-pinch 

When an obstacle is encountered during the closing of the tailgate, the tailgate intelligently stops or runs in reverse, with humanized design and intelligent anti-pinch.


4.Smart electric suction

When the tailgate is closed, the powerful electric suction system sucks and locks the tailgate to prevent safety hazards when the tailgate is not closed properly.


5.Silent operation 

Imported motor, low power consumption and low noise, the running sound is lower than 43DB, which is smaller than ordinary soft talk.


6.Abnormal alarm

When the tailgate is not closed tightly or is abnormal, the system will sound an alarm to avoid accidents


7.Memory height

 The height of the tailgate switch can be adjusted according to your height. When the tailgate rises to a suitable position, press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds to buzzer for a long time.

8.Switching speed

The operating speed of the tailgate can be controlled. The fastest speed is 6 gears, and the slowest speed is 2 gears. Press and hold the tailgate button for more than 8 seconds. Two beeps of "Didi" represent 2 gears, and so on.