Black PU leather front seat cover
White PU leather front seat cover
Black PU leather front seat cover with red liner edge
Black PU leather rear seat cover
Black PU leather rear seat cover with red liner edge
Black PU leather front seat cover with red liner edge
Black PU leather reclining front seat cover effect
Black PU leather front seat cover with white liner edge
Black PU leather right side front seat cover

Model 3/Y Custom Leather Seat Cover (Full sets)



🚗【Compatible Model】:
Fit for all years Tesla Model Y and Model 3
🚗【Arc-edge Design】: Tempered glass durability rated at 9H hardness and 0.33mm thickness, Accurately fit the orginal screen, effectively prevent the screen from cracking due to collision when using
🚗【Anti-scratch & Anti-fingerprint】: 110 ° angle water drop test, effectively prevent fingerprints or other stains on the screen during daily use and effective resistance against scratches
🚗【Choice of 2 finishes】:
Matte: Most popular choice because of it's anti-smudge and anti-glare properties
HD Clear: Brighter clarity than Matte, looks factory screen, but with minimal anti-glare and anti-fingerprints properties
🚗【Easy Installation】: An innovative, auto-alignment tool for effortless installation with 1 mins, Non-destructive and accurate without error
🚗 Include:
Tempered glass *1
Auto-alignment mount kit *1
Cleaning wipe *1
scraper *1
Package size: 418mm * 267mm * 16mm (L*W*H)
🚗 Filming steps:
1. First, use cleaning wipes and cleaning cloth to clean the screen;
2. Read the note and tear off the release film;
3. Align the tempered glass with the mount kit to the screen;
4. Press the screen with your finger, and the middle position will make it attach naturally;
5. Tear off the fixed label on the back;
6. Slowly remove the alignment mount kit;
7. Tear off the protective layer of the tempered film;
8. Use a scraper to remove surrounding air bubbles

1. The original vehicle screen cannot be upgraded after installing rear row entertainment
Solution: Please download the following upgrade file and instruction to upgrade the Rear Entertainment Screen.
Upgrade File & Instruction: Click Here
Upgrade Video Tutorial: Click Here 

For installation services in the United States, please contact: +1(949)358-4793

Car Model: Model 3
Model 3
Model Y
Seat Cover: Full black
Full black
Full white
white & black
red & black
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