Model 3/Y Switchback Dash
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Dashboard with wireless charging
Perfect show all the car data on swithchback dash
switchback Dash
switchback Dash
15W fast charging frees hands on the dashboard
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switchback Dash size

Model 3/Y Switchback Dash

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Car Model: Model 3
Model 3
Model Y
LHD/RHD: Left Hand Drive
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive

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United States United States
I recommend this product

Pretty nice, but the displays could use a little work

Installation: So got this and got it installed in a 2022 Model Y with AMD. Instructions were not great, and all the videos out there are for the Intel or older models, But got it done. I ended up running the primary cable under the dash to the computer under the drivers side A pillar like a lot of the other installation videos do. If you are using a 2022 Model Y, the blue plug that you need to plug the middle connector into is back behind the carpet on the outer driver side wall. Then run the other connector back into the center console wireless charging port, which sucks to take apart. Once you plug the power into the charging pad port make sure you tuck the wires in their good or else the sliding door for the center console will catch on it. I ended up having to take it apart a second time to fix that. Using it: It is a great size, smaller than I though it would be, which is good. Out of the three options for the screen the clock one seems to be the cleanest while the thick battery level one does not really seem all that useful outside of the speed being displayed. I do like the primary, 1st one the best, but it looks a little strange with the speed numbers up to 40 then the icons. They should just get get ride of the numbers or have them all there. Wish they would change the bar along the top half to be the energy use/regen bar instead of just a static yellow. Also would be nice if the auto pilot "touch the wheel" blue flashing warning would blink on it someplace, but it does not

Hansshow Model 3/Y Switchback Dash ReviewHansshow Model 3/Y Switchback Dash Review
Thailand Thailand
I recommend this product

Very good

Love the product. Works great on my car. Good thing about this is it doesn’t block the ac much and I can have both display and chargeable phone holder at the same time.

Hansshow Model 3/Y Switchback Dash Review
Mark J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Very good display that could be GREAT with firmware update!

I really like the size of the display and how it integrates with the car. Looks like a factory device. However, Hansshow needs to offer more display options. The three display styles are still hard to read, and the speedo font is much smaller than the center display speedo. I would like to see a BIG white on black speedo along with the time, battery percent and battery range. That's really all I care about for this display. Hopefully Hansshow is working on a firmware update that will offer more display options.

Hansshow Model 3/Y Switchback Dash Review
Ruben F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

As advertised

Works as advertised. Installation was a mix of Hansshow instructions and other YouTube videos. I have a new 2022 Model Y, some of the panels are not removed like shown in Hansshow instructions, not their fault as Tesla is always changing things, just be aware. Once wires ran though panels everything worked great.

John F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Switchback Dash

Item looks good quality and postage time etc was quick BUT there is no install video for a RHD Model 3 2022 AMD spec car. The hard copy install instructions are very light on, not enough detail.

United States United States
I recommend this product

A challenge to install in 2022 but exactly what I was looking for!

I really like this dash gauge and how it provides just the right amount of information without being too large. And it doesn't block the air con at all! Installation was a challenge though on my MYP 2022. I already had installed the 12V phone charger by Hansshow so I was confident I could install this similar design with minimal hassle. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any install videos on the 2022 which is completely different from the pre-22 models, so that left the printed instructions. Too bad they aren't more detailed - please work on that Hansshow. There's basically two major parts to the install: 1) locating the computer output socket on the passenger side, and 2) tapping into the 12VDC power connector for the phone charger under the console liner. Part 1 is not difficult. After removing the dash, remove the plastic trim panel on the edge of the passenger door frame. That gives you access to a push-in clip that holds the edge of the carpet down. Remove the clip, pull back on the carpet and locate the light blue socket. It's very easy to spot. Insert the white plug into this socket. Part 2 does "not" involve removing the center console but only lifting up the console liner. This turned out to be the biggest challenge for me as the instructions didn't help much. First, slide both seats to the most rearwards position. From the driver seat, reach back and pry out (sideways - not up) the rear part of the liner with a plastic pry tool (see #1), then continue to pry out (not up) the remaining portion of the liner (#2-#4) until you reach the charger port area. Then go sit in the passenger seat and do the same thing on the other side. Lastly lift up on the sides of the console where the yellow arrows point and the whole liner can now be released so you can get access to the power connector underneath. (While I was there I removed the center clip in the middle of the console liner - it was snagging on the console sliding cover when I put everything back together so had to remove the liner a 2nd time and fix it.) Running the wires is pretty straight forward - I ran the wires to the gauge along the dash top. Things I like: Plenty of information including charging status, turn signals, battery percentage. Looks factory built. Rotating design so you can charge and use your phone (makes Waze viewing a snap). USB port for firmware updates. What it needs: Better install instructions especially for 2022 models. More display options! I'd like 10-20 different display options including configuring the size of the MPH numbers. (I want 'em huge). All in all I think this is a terrific solution that will hopefully be supported and updated by Hansshow.

Hansshow Model 3/Y Switchback Dash Review
Ralph K.
Germany Germany
I recommend this product


Very nice small display which fits into the design and color of my Tesla. Well to read the informations and absolutely synchronized with the original big Tesla screen.

Ovidiu S.
Norway Norway
I recommend this product

If the switch cable will be 10 cm longer, then monting on AP will be easiar. This is the most difficult part of the monting.

Vincent D.
France France
I recommend this product

Bon produit

Pas très simple à l’installer et le tutoriel n’est pas pas explicite notamment pour le démontage de la console centrale mais le résultat est la, c’est un très bon produit, de qualité, il s’intègre parfaitement et très lisible

Bharath R.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Quite nice for the price!

Bought but yet to install it. It looks like it’s well built and will last the distance. I will assess the screen brightness and resolution once I get it installed. Out of all the screens on the market this one seems to be just the right size and the mobile switchback holder is quite a nice feature to have

Thomas b.
France France
I recommend this product

Vert good

If you have a end version 2021 (12/2021), use the 2022 hardness ;)