Model Y Glass Roof Roller Sunshade (Fabric Style)


Hansshow Tesla model 3 and Model Y Glass Roof Roller Sunshade is a top-quality sunshade and is the best on the Tesla accessories market. It protects you from the sun and makes it easier to drive. It also blocks the solar thermal load. This roller sunshade from Hansshow is easy to install and it will keep your car cooler and maintain a comfortable level of privacy while you’re driving or camping!


  • Custom-designed: custom-cut to the exact dimensions of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, which is the perfect choice for Tesla accessories. Enjoy sun protection and a comfortable, private environment in any season.
  • Protection: Further reduces heat transmission into the cabin by blocking 99.9% of solar thermal load with sunshades. Protect your passengers and your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y interior from harmful sun rays.
  • Premium Material: Using a 4-layer composite insulation sunshade fabric that meets automotive standards, with environmentally friendly materials, it is odorless and blocks both light and heat. With 4-point fastening and smooth edges, it has been fully upgraded for a minimalist and aesthetic appearance. Specifically designed for vehicles to prevent high temperature and sunlight exposure, while reducing heat and providing a comfortable driving experience. environmentally friendly materials
  • Hidden Roller Structure: Adopts dedicated track designed specifically for commercial vehicles, with a hidden retractable roller design that allows for smooth and silent pulling without any jamming to maximally isolate temperature differences inside and outside the vehicle
  • Easy to Install: The sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof. Mold opening of the original vehicle, non-destructive installation with 10mins fast installation, and no damage to the original vehicle parts.

Installation Manual
Model 3:
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Model Y:
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1. In-store pickup Address: 14761 Franklin Ave unit E, Tustin, CA 92780, United States (Inventory for in-store pickup is expected to be available after June 20th.)
2. This product is only available for purchase within the United States. For customers in other countries, please contact our customer service for more information.

3.This product does not support Tesla Model 3 2017-2018 And Model 2021-2023 Cars.

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Installation Tutorial

Sun Protection and Privacy

Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y Sunshade provides reliable sun protection by blocking out direct sunlight, keeping your car's interior cooler and more comfortable. The sunshade also enhances privacy by shielding the interior from prying eyes, creating a more private and comfortable driving experience

Sun-resistant Fabric Material

Crafted with high-quality materials, including a durable and effective sun-resistant fabric that offers strong protection against harmful UV rays. This not only shields you and your passengers from the sun's glare, but also helps to prevent fading and cracking of your car's interior. The privacy factor is also a key benefit, as our roller sunshade effectively blocks direct sunlight and enhances privacy, creating a more comfortable and private driving experience

Roller Shade Design

Featuring a roller shade design and a commercial-grade curtain track, this sunshade is built with quality materials to ensure smooth and silent operation. Its durable construction means it won't deform or make any unwanted noise while in use

Quick and Non-Destructive Installation

Designed to fit perfectly into the original mold of the vehicle, making installation quick and easy without causing any damage to the vehicle's original parts. The entire process can be completed in just 10 minutes, saving you valuable time and effort

Common Troubleshooting Guide


  • Installation method is incorrect
  • Reversed the front and back


  • Scan the QR code to view the installation instructions or video (to check if the front and back are oriented correctly)
  • The rear window of the Model 3 has four mounting holes, while the front window of the Model 3/Y has two mounting holes


  • Check if the crossbar has been compressed and deformed during transportation


  • Contact after-sales support for further assistance