VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate

Power tailgate: Yes
Foot Kick Sensor: Yes
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    May 22 - May 26

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  • Open and Close the liftgate using kick sensor.
  • Open and Close the liftgate using the key fob.
  • Close the liftgate with the supplied button (added in the liftgate).
  • Open the liftgate using front button.

Image & Video

 VW T6 or T5 electric tailgate opener

Have you encountered the following embarrassed situaion? if  have, it's time to install a power tailgate. So that you can open and close your tailgate gracefully in any situation

How power tailgate help you realize your smart life?

When you have a power tailgate,whatever you have many projects with your hand or don't want to open and close the tailgate by your hands because of the dirty tailgate. because the power tailgate have a variety of control methods to release your hand

what else Features does power tailgate have?

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