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Как правильно выбрать электрическую дверь багажника для вашего автомобиля?

An excellent electric tailgate has the function of intelligent anti-pinch, safe multiplier and the tailgate will be detected in time during operation. Once the obstacle is sensed, it will be reversed immediately to ensure personal safety. A variety of ways, control, support a variety of tailgate control, no need to crack the modification, step by…

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Советы по выбору автомобиля с электроприводом задней двери.

With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, in the automotive consumer market, there is an increasing demand for convenient comfort and humanized configuration. In recent years, the electric tailgate has become the standard for the upgrade of all major luxury cars. Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other new luxury have begun to be equipped…

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Новый электрический подъемник задней двери Audi Series – умная поездка прямо сейчас!

Hansshow smart electric tailgate lift Customized for Audi Intelligent control See the future The new Audi A6L witnesses your time Enjoy the luxury quality before the times Deductive legendary life The new Audi A6L Change, from now on Adapted to 12+ Audi A6L intelligent electric tailgate Change / security / freedom / elegance / comfort…

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Что такое электрический подъемник задней двери 5T нового поколения?

New upgraded version of intelligent electric tailgate 5.0T Revealed now 01 Transform Fifth generation intelligent ECU It adopts the fifth-generation intelligent ECU, which has more powerful data analysis capability. It can automatically exchange and adjust according to the data of the two sides of the pole during the operation to ensure the synchronous operation of…

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Пятое поколение электрической задней двери Mercedes-Benz – доступно уже сейчас.

The fifth generation of Mercedes-Benz electric tailgate Outstanding people must have their own wisdomThere are rules for forming wisdomOnly have wisdomTo achieve great things Mercedes-Benz E-ClassPaying tribute to the backbone of society with intelligent masterpiecesZoran texture, starting from the wisdomLong wheelbase E 300 L luxury sedan Embed precision and elegance in every inch of bodyWholeheartedly…

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Электропривод Mercedes-Benz Vito с электроприводом задней двери

Before reading our Mercedes-Benz Vito automatic liftgate install manul, please click here to purchase our Mercedes-Benz Vito power tailgate lift. Ready to work: The construction vehicle key shall be kept by the installation technician alone and shall not be given to others to prevent loss. (Post test, find the original car unlock signal line to…

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