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Tesla модель 3 Power Frunk


1. App Control:Your Tesla phone App would be able to control the power liftgate or power Frunk (Front Trunk).

2. Kick sensor:Using the optional kick sensor, you will be able to open or close the power tailgate.

3. Factory Wholesale:After testing in the field in California and China, our product is manufactured in our factory.

4. Fast ship:Include ship fee. Items will ship world wide, via DHL, UPS, FEDEX or USPS.

5: This Price is negotiable for dealer or company.Please send enquiry to us, thanks..
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Tesla Model 3 Power Front Видео:

Tesla Model 3 / X / S Мощность переднего багажника:

Tesla Model 3 Frunk
Изображение продукта:
aftermarket power liftgate
Взгляд фабрики:
aftermarket power liftgate kit

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power tailgate Installation guide

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