Tesla hot sale smart product

Yoke Style Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Yoke steering wheel kit is suitable for Telsa Model 3/Y. You can change the color or style of the steering wheel according to your taste and preference to create the appearance color you want. There is no need to exchange your steering wheel.

-Ergonomic design to handle long hour of driving
-Racing inspired aerodynamics and style
-Made off a factory steering wheel to ensure OEM quality and fitment
-Made with 100% Real carbon fiber
-Made with Real Leather and Alcantara

power tailgate

Hansshow electric tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your tailgate by simply pressing a button or foot induction control.

This smart aftermarket liftgate provides additional security and value to your vehicle. Installation is designed for the do-it-yourself and comes with various brackets depending on your car.

Electrical hookup has never been easier, with an easy to install the switch and a Plug and Play Harness.

This reliable system will outperform a hydraulic system without all the complicated plumbing and upkeep. The kit includes Control Module, Plug and Play Harness along with mounting brackets and hardware plus easy to understand instructions.

Hansshow retrofit power liftgate is a kit for all family members to use in all weather conditions.

Electric Suction door

As a safe, intelligent and comfortable configuration, auto electric suction door is convenient for the user. It protects the car and user's safety.

A gently touch it will close the door automatically, show your grace and dignity. No need to worry about the unclosed door. Its function will provide a unique experience for you and passenger.


Soft close doors are like a personal bellman who gently closes the doors after the driver and his/her passengers. Our automatic door suction mechanisms close doors softly and quietly. Forget about that red light popping up in the instrument cluster from not closed door or unpleasant slamming door noise. When car's door is within approximately a 1/4'' (8mm) from closed a sensor activates an electric suction motor pulling the door to closed position. Soft close door system activates any time when you attempt to close a door to ensure that the door closes completely. Build-in safety feature engages the automatic locks once the door has been pulled by suction motor. The end result is doors that close properly every time without effort or slamming noises.

Wide angle side mirror glass

Wide angle side mirror glass can greatly increase the typical field of vision around your vehicle. When a car passes by, the mirror increase the field of vision, so that prevented a probable accident .The mirrors are tiny enough so will not disrupt the regular mirror, while being big enough to provide you that extra broad angle to help car owners to better see the road conditions behind.

steering wheel center Console Screen

Do you encounter the following problems while driving. For example, it is very unsafe to aim at the central control during driving to prevent speeding. Console Screen can ensure that the driver looks straight ahead of the road while driving and provides a digital display of information such as driving speed, battery power, door opening and closing that is synchronized with the original car

Model 3 SR Premium Audio Upgrade

Most original car stereos only provide basic functions. It often shows that the sound quality is not good, the volume is not clear when the volume is small, and it produces distortion and noise when the volume is large. In this case, it's neceesary to Upgrade Premium Audio, adding a high bass configuration and surround sound. Let you enjoy the music while driving, relieve fatigue and enjoy the fun and fashion!

Smart Ring for Tesla Model 3,Y

There are several ways to turn on the Tesla Model 3. Most car owners may prefer to use smart phones, because car keys and key cards are not convenient to carry with them. However, if you don’t have your car key or key card with you and your phone runs out of power or encounter network problems, it will not turn on. Our smart ring wear it on your finger, touch it lightly, and unlock immediately.It is very effective to solve the trouble of forgetting and inconvenient to bring the key

Tesla Model 3, Active Sound Exhaust

Active Sound Exhaust is a product that simulates the sound of a powerful sports car with the remote control .The sound of the sports car and the original car sound can be switched with one button. When you are outside the track, you can turn off with one button. Possesses to pull the wind and waves. Easy to install and responsive.