Tesla Model 3 electric tailgate installation instructions – Version 4


The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty.

IMPORTANT: V4 is of soft close version. Be sure to restore the tailgate trim panel before commissioning, otherwise, the tailgate may not be closed.

1:Pre-installation check required!

Due to the large tolerance deviation of the car body to trunk lid assembly, you must check the deviation of the gaps between the roof glass and the tailgate before installing this power lift kit. The deviation between the left and right sides must be less than or equal to 4.5mm, otherwise, this kit can not be installed. For example, in the figures above, the left-side gap is 1.5mm, the right-side gap is 6mm, and the deviation is 4.5mm. The struts can be installed.

2. Disassembly of trunk interior panel

Use the panel pry bar to remove the panel along the perimeter of the tailgate trim.

3:Disassembly of trunk interior panel

First, open the inner cover of the tail box, and then remove the long panel on the lock (as indicated by the red arrow), and then remove the lock.

4:Disassembly of trunk interior panel

Pluck the trim panels on the up, left, and right sides.

5:Removal of the original trunk lift struts

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry open the ball retainer clips and remove the original left and right struts. Warning: When removing the original strut and installing the power struts, you must use a towel to protect the glass to avoid breaking the glass.

6. Installing the Power Lift Struts

The new power lift struts snap into the stock strut locations, locate the power wires on the bottom. Please rotate the top part of the strut to align the socket to the ball.

7:Wire route for strut motor

Route the strut motor wire down under the plastic trim, as shown by the arrow.

8:Power Strut wire path

Remove the tailgate assembly, bumper waterproof rubber strip, and rubber grommet; 2. Pass the fish tape from the small hole to the rubber strip gap.3. Use winding tape bind the strut wire with fish tape together;4. Pull the fish tape and strut wire out from the small hole.

9: Power Strut wire path cont.

Cut a small hole in the original car’s rubber gromit in this bumper area and pass the motor wire from the taillight area into the car. This will prevent any water from flowing into the car from the taillight area. (Use the same method on the left and right sides.)

10: Tail box lock removed

Mark the center position of the original car trunk lock, then remove the lock.

11: Install trunk electric suction lock

Align the electric suction lock with the mark position. It is recommended to install it at the lowest position, adjust according to the actual situation. Confirm whether it aligns with the tailgate lock mechanism.

12: Precausions

Screw the two rubber pillars of the tailgate to the innermost, make them not push against the car body. After installing the electric suction lock, make sure that the tailgate can be closed tightly. If not, there will be a risk of water ingress. Tell from the size of the tailgate seam from the outside, or tell from observing inside the car whether light penetrates through the tailgate seam.

13: Install trunk electric suction lock

If the electric suction lock has been aligned and adjusted to the lowest position, yet the tailgate unable to be sucked tightly, you can adjust the shown suction lock nut. Adjust the copper stud in the direction of the arrow, will make the tailgate sucked more tightly.

14: Pass the wire to the tube

Pass the longer main harness and tailgate button cable through the tube (from bottom to top) with the help of fish tape. (Note: as the tailgate button cable plug is thicker than the tube, disassemble the plug before passing the harness, be aware of the wire sequence inside as you have to restore the plug at the end of this step.) Restore the tailgate button cable into the plug. 2. To connect the longer main harness and shorter main harness. First, insert our motor plug and handle plug of the shorter main harness into the original motor plug and handle plug as figure 15 shows. Then connect the 2 main harnesses through connecting the 5 wires respectively according to the color, use electrical tapes at this step.

15: Install new trunk “close” button

Position the new button as shown above, using the supplied 20mm drill, install the tailgate “close” button into the trunk lid plastic panel.

16: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 01

17: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 02

18: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 03

19: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 04

20: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 05

Use a screw to fix the control box inside the right side trim of the trunk, near the right taillight.

21: Trunk Trunk wiring diagram 06

Optional tailgate button install position

You can install the power tailgate button here if you do not want to install the button on the tailgate.

After the installation is completed, the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest position, and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released, indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If the power off requires a rematch operation).

Height Adjustment

Adjust the tailgate to the appropriate height, press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds, and hear a long beep that indicates the height setting is successful.

Speed Adjustment

The tailgate switch speed is divided into 5 gears, the default is 4 gears, the lowest 2 gears, and the highest 6 gears. Press and hold the tailgate button. When the buzzer sounds 2 consecutive sounds, it means that the speed setting 2 is successful. When the buzzer is heard for 3 consecutive sounds, the speed setting 3 is successful, and so on.


  1. The installation instructions may differ slightly from the actual operation. If there are any differences, please follow the actual situation or contact us.
  2. If the tailgate button and trunk icon on the screen is flashing, it means the tailgate is open at this time. They will stop flashing when the tailgate is closed; If the car is driving with the tailgate open, the car will issue a corresponding warning to remind you the trunk is open.

Electric tailgate softclose strength adjustment

Press and hold button for seconds you will head beeps sound. 1beep is the most soft close status.5 beeps is the most powerful strength.
Increase/decrease the close strength of the electric tailgate(a total of 5 intensity levels)
Tailgate soft-close strength adjustment:

Adjustments, when the door cannot be opened, or the door cannot be closed:
Adjust with the small black button on the control box.

Tuning methods:

First, the door can not be opened (the door is not opening well):

Press and hold the small black button on the control box to adjust the strength of the opening tailgate. Hold the button for 3 seconds and release, then press and hold the switch, it will beep 1 to 5 times, 1 beep is the lowest strength, 5 beeps is the strongest, the factory default is 1 beep.

Second, the door is not fully closed (the door closing strength is not correct):

First, use a screwdriver in place of the lock block to set trunk lid lock to closed status. (equivalent to closing the door, you must put the tailgate into lock status when adjusting the closing force). Then press and hold the small black button on the control box to adjust the closing strength, it will beep 1 to 5 times, 1 beep is the weakest, 5 beeps is the strongest. Press again to select a different level. The factory default is 1 beep, generally adjusted to 3 beeps, test the closing strength, if still not correct, try other strength level.

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