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Tesla Model 3 electric tailgate installation instructions – Version 3.0


The problems and losses caused by improper installation and

improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty.

1:Pre-installation check required!

Due to the large tolerance deviation of the car body to trunk lid assembly, you must check the deviation of the gaps between the roof glass and the tailgate before installing this power lift kit. The deviation between the left and right sides must be less than or equal to 4.5mm, otherwise this kit can not be installed. Example, in the figures above, the left-side gap is 1.5mm, the right-side gap is 6mm, and the deviation is 4.5mm. The struts can be installed.

2. Disassembly of trunk interior panel

Use the panel open tool to remove the panel along the perimeter of the tailgate trim.

3:Disassembly of trunk interior panel

First, open the inner cover of the tail box, and then remove the buckle on the trunk trim panel lock (as indicated by the red arrow), and then remove the lock.

4:Disassembly of trunk interior

Remove the buckle of the trunk trim panel (as indicated by the red arrow) and then pluck the
trim panels on the left and right sides.

5:Removal of the tail light plug

Remove the decorative screws on the outside of the taillights. Pull out the nut and taillight plug on the inside of the taillight. (Use the same method on both sides)

6:Removal of the original trunk lift struts

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry open the ball retainer clips and remove the original left and right struts. NOTE-Be very careful to protect the glass near the strut as you remove each ball joint.

7. Installing the Power Lift Struts

Warning:When removing the original strut and installing the power sturt, you must use a towel to protect the glass to avoid breaking the glass.
Remove the buckle of the trunk trim panel (as indicated by the red arrow) and then pluck the trim panels on the left and right sides.

8:Wire route for strut motor

Route the strut motor wire down under the plastic trim, as shown by the arrow.

9:Power Strut wire path

Remove the taillight assembly, then thread the strut motor wire down thru the taillight area to the inside of the rear bumper where it will then route into the car cabin thru an existing rubber grommet.

10: Power Strut wire path cont.

Cut a small hole in the original car’s rubber gromit in this bumper area and pass the motor wire from the taillight area into the car. This will prevent any water from flowing into the car from the taillight area. (Use the same method on the left and right sides.)

11: Install new powered soft-close mechanism.

Remove the original car lock block and install our soft-close lock block (see figure above). Note: Mark the center position of the original car lock block loop before installation so that the lid lock will be aligned with this new lock block.

12: Install new trunk “close” button

Position the new button as shown above, using the supplied 20mm drill, install the tailgate “close” button into the trunk lid plastic panel.

13 Pass the wire to the tube

Pass the tailgate button wire through the tube (passing it from bottom to top). If you do not want to pass the tailgate button wire through the tube, you can install the tailgate button on the right side trunk trim.

14. Tailgate signal plug location

Put the rear seat down, the plug is under the trim as shown in the picture.

15. Tailgate signal plug location

Put the seat down, remove both the left and right side 2 trims as shown.(Remember do the same thing on the right side).
That the three panels are required to be removed to lift up the rear flat panel to reach the signal wire, which is right next to the rear passenger speaker. The top longer panel (where the side airbag is) was difficult to remove due to its method of attachment. If you look from inside the trunk, you’ll see the white plastic clip next to the speaker that the wire is attached to and it can be unlatched and pushed up so it’s easier to reach from the rear passenger seat.

16. Tailgate signal plug location

Pull out this rear seat trim, you will find the related mating plug.

17. Wire path diagram 01

18.Wire path diagram 02

19.Wire path diagram 03

20. Wire path diagram 04

21.Wire path diagram 05

Optional tailgate button install position

You can install the power tailgate button here if you Do not want to wiring the tailgate button through the tube.

height adjustment

Adjust the tailgate to the appropriate height, press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds, and hear a long beep that indicates the height setting is successful.

speed adjustment

The tailgate switch speed is divided into 5 gears, the default is 4 gears, the lowest 2 gears, and the highest 6 gears. Press and hold the tailgate button. When the buzzer sounds 2 consecutive sounds, it means that the speed setting 2 is successful. When the buzzer is heard for 3 consecutive sounds, the speed setting 3 is successful, and so on.

After the installation is completed, the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest position, and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released, indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If the power off requires a rematch operation).

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