Toyota Sienta 2017+ Installation Instruction

Installation Step

1.Install bracket and electric pole

1.Remove the trim panel and OEM electric pole,shown as pic.
2.Remove the left upper bracket of the
original car and install our upper left
bracket. The ball head is facing the tailgate and fixed with our screws.
3.Install our electric pole with the original car ball head (Same as left and right steps).
4.Remove the right upper bracket of the original car and install our upper right bracket.
The ball head is the tailgate and fixed with our screws.
5) Electric pole installation completed schematic.

2.Route the electric pole harness

6) Remove the original car waterproof rubber plug
on the right side of the car, and the right strut wire
runs through the original car rubber plug hole to the
tailgate cover.
7) Remove the original car waterproof rubber plug
on the left side of the car, cut a small hole, and the
electric pole wire passes through the waterproof
rubber plug.
8) Route the electric pole wire into the tailgate
cover along the yellow line.

3. Take power at the main driving and install front switch button

9) Remove the trim panel under the main driving.
You can find the power supply.
10) As shown in the figur,remove the blank button
of the original car at the main steering wheel and
install our front switch button.
11) Remove the orginal car small lamp holder.
14) Find the original car power supply under the
main steering wheel, unplug the originalcar fuse and
plug it into our power supply socket.
15) Remove the main driving seat belt B-pillar trim
panel and find the original car central control wire.
16) Our yellow central control wire is connected to
the pink wire of this socket (The first hole in the
third row from right to left).
17) Main driving power cable, front switch cable
and central control cable from the top of the vehicle
along the red arrow to the tailgate cover.
18) Power cable, front switch wire and central
control wire pass through the waterproof rubber
plug along the yellow arrow to the tailgate cover.
19) Find the grounding screw at the tailgate, and
connect the screw to our power ground wire.
20) Find this plug at the back door and plug it into
our front switch adapter socket
21) Find the socket at the tailgate lock, insert the
three-way adapter socket.
22.Remove the load plate at the tailgate,remove the trim panel,and find the original car lock
23) Use the pen to mark the center of the lock.
24) Remove the original car lock, install our electric
suction lock and fix it with our screws.
25) As shown in the figure, the socket of the electric
suction lock is inserted into our electric suction Hall
wire socket.
26) The motor is installed on the le武side of the
tailgate and fixed with our 3M paster.
27.The electric suction wire runs through the water-proof rubber plug to the tailgate cover.
28) According to the plug color, insert the socket
into the control box. Pay attention to check if the
socket is inserted.
29) Plug in the white socket, OBD socket and
power socket.
30) Use our 3M paster on the back of thee control box.
31) Control box installation position, fixed with our
screws, gaskets and meson.
32) Remove the trim panel and punch a hole to
install our tailgate switch button. The socket of the
tailgate is connected to the three-way harness socket plug.

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