Tullio Right sling door install manual

Programme I

1.Tullio Right Door Accessories

2.Remove the right interior trim panel and the fan screws.

3.Rear Cable Motor Fixing Diagram
4.Hole cutout according to front pulley template
5.Note: Pull the line out on the pulley, keep it in the center of the track!
Screw the front pulley.
6.The left door is cut in this position
6.The left door is cut in this position
7.Rear pulley formwork intermediate cutting
8.Use hole opener to open hole on rear pulley
9.Motor rear pulley fixed with screws
10.Rendering of the outside of the rear pulley
11.Remove the original bracket screws and install our compny’s wire head bracket
12.Note that the brackets have large holes facing up.
13.Note: Be careful not to put the brackets on backwards.
Note: When installing our bracket, first remove the back screws to install the bracket, then install the front bracket (without removing the original bracket).
14.Rendering of the uncut back cover
15.These two areas need to be modified slightly.
16.Installed rendering
17.Take the original locks off.
18.Align my spacer with the hole in the 16.
This aperture template does not need to be mounted on a car
19.open a Φ16 hole
20.Remove the seat belt screws and keep them in the low position.
21.Automatically fixes the self-priming motor.
22.Rendering of the right door latch installed
23.Take the door handle off (take off screws from the inside)

Programme II

Tureo left door unlocking motor
1.Remove the original handle wire and install it on the bracket of our unlocking motor.
2.The two outer handle wires on the harness are optional.
3.Attach the wire from the unlocking motor to the handle.
4.This position is connected to the primary lock signal line.
5.Connect primary lock signal (grey) to original door level grey
6.Put our controller in this position for our after-sales installation.
7.Remove the two screws of the original lower lock and install our wiring harness drag chain.
8.Fix the drag chain in this position.
9.Fasten the drag chain bracket to the door with screws.
10.Thread the harness from the drag link through the middle door from this position.
11.Put two small switches on the inside handles.
12.The switch shrapnel must be easy to reach.
13.open a Φ16 Hole in the bottom of the door.
14.Put our anti-clip bar through the hole
15.B-Pillar Switch
16.Tureo left door remote control cable
The remote control cord is next to the B-pillar seat belt.
17.Remove the small cover from the dashboard of the original car and install our front compartment switch.
18.The fuse is under the driver’s steering wheel

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