You’ve Been Missing Out A Lot: Get The Best Power Liftgate for Your Model 3!

It’s a New Era in the automotive industry. No more will you struggle with heavy shopping bags and the trunk at the same time. No more will your kid struggle with reaching the trunk of your model 3 Tesla, no more handling dirty tailgate miss out no more! Upgrade now with the best model 3 power liftgate!

Hansshow China has manufactured an impressive aftermarket power liftgate kit for tesla model 3: The Tesla Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk.

Features of Hansshow Power Liftgate

The modification comes with a variety of striking features. Model 3 power liftgate has:

● Adjustable opening and closing speeds. Consequently, you can customize according to your liking.

● It has an adjustable height and memory function so that you can control your height preference for the tailgate. This helps especially if you park in a lower garage or somewhere with a low ceiling.

● Customizable tailgate closing force. It has a total of 5 intensity adjustments.

● Anti-pinch function.

● Sound prompt function.

The power liftgate for tesla model 3 can be controlled using multiple methods including: the dashboard touchscreen, driver side door panel button, tailgate button, a smartphone, and also,

● A smartwatch. Tesla has an application that you download on your phone and can control your power liftgate functions after connecting it via Bluetooth.

● Foot sensor, which is bought separately from the power liftgate.

● The key button. The key can be used from a relatively convenient distance so as to ensure the safety and total usability of the power liftgate.

Functions of Tesla Model 3 Power Liftgate

Hunsshow has stopped at nothing to develop the ultimate Model 3 Power trunk and frunk, ensuring that customers get the full experience at the best price.

The smart control system offers a variety of control features that are not found in other Tesla models. The foot sensor control mode is one such feature. It is a hands-free feature that enables you to open and also close your trunk with a wave of your foot under the rear car bumper or the front bumper. The sensor is installed strategically at the lower part of the bumper, and every time you wave your foot below, it opens and closes the trunk or the frunk. It is a relatively fast action white and very convenient for the user. It is also very secure and can only be opened when the owner’s phone is close to the car.

Model 3 Power Frunk Kick Sensor

One additional function that the model 3 power liftgate has is the anti-pinch function.

It is safer for the children when they are using the trunk of the car. Also, it ensures that property is not damaged if they are accidentally left in the way of the trunk door. The sensors will detect the object and immediately stop closing the door, making a beep sound to alert you about the obstruction.

The height memory function of the Tesla Model 3 power trunk ensures that the owner will set the opening height according to the height characteristics and usage habits. So they will be able to make it suitable for themselves according to the size of their garages and their height.

Sometimes you’re very busy and have so much to do that we might forget to close our trunks. Well, this will be a thing of the past with the abnormal situation reminder function. The car will automatically sound an alarm if the door is not closed. This will ensure that the owner of the vehicle will come back to close the trunk before they go too far and hence prevent loss of property.

The power liftgate model also has a soft-closing function. It allows the tailgate to have a smooth and Silent shut. This will be important if you have a sleeping child in the car, or you don’t want to wake up the neighbors in the night.

Craftsmanship of Power Liftgate Model 3

The craftsmanship in the model 3 power liftgate is world-class. German imported springs of aircraft-grade quality will ensure that the system will run for longer.

High-Quality Strut, which is manufactured from aluminum alloy. Thus it will ensure that the module works for years to come with no wear and tear. The earliest rock and bowl stud have incredibly high strength and extremely lightweight.

Moreover, model 3 power liftgate is water-resistant and dust-resistant.

Model 3 power liftgate from Hansshow China
Hansshow power trunk liftgate

As a customer, you get the best possible service, including installation service and free shipping worldwide.

Get yourself this fantastic upgrade for your Model 3! From Hansshow China. Contact us!

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