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A Tesla Model 3/Model Y 10.25" HD Head-Up Instrument Cluster That Lets You Enjoy Driving on the Next Level

Oftentimes, as a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y owner, you might have felt the need for a heads-up display that provides basic information like speed, gear selection, Bluetooth connectivity status, and Wi-Fi.

Your prayers have been heard and Hansshow has made a 10.25-inch heads-up screen that does all of the above and even more like navigation maps, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, and an optional forward blind spot camera as well.

In the early days of the Tesla Model 3 when it was just a prototype, rumors of an out-of-the-box head-up display (HUD) were on the rise. But when Tesla started customer deliveries, it was confirmed that the automaker is not going to add a HUD to Model 3. Tesla Model Y had the same interior options, so no HUD for it as well.

The best thing about the Hansshow Tesla Model 3 & Model Y head-up display is that it eliminates the need to look toward the center touchscreen while driving for basic information. Coming from a traditional car background, this HUD by Hansshow also lets you relax as you're used to looking at an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel most of the time — it helps in a smooth transition to Tesla cars as well.

Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Model Y head-up display instrument cluster screen.
Above: Instrument cluster head-up display for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 by Hansshow (Buy Now from our online store, use promo code 'HSNews30' for a massive 30% Black Friday Discount).

Our instrument cluster for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y electric vehicles has the ability for 4G wireless connectivity. The 4G connectivity helps run the GPS navigation maps. Additionally, the screen shows the remaining range & battery status in %, speed, exterior temperature and vehicle visualization + more (see diagram 1.1 below).

As we can witness in the photo of the HUD instrument cluster screen above, the 10.25-inch HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels illuminates crystal clear graphics and visualizations. I personally love it, you will as well after you install it in your Tesla Model 3 or Y.

Diagram: Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y instrument cluster screen explained.Diagram 1.1: Hansshow Tesla Model 3/Y 10.25 HD instrument cluster screen explained (Download the user's manual PDF here, installation instructions video below. Click/tap the diagram above to open larger version in new tab).

Hansshow HUD instrument panel screen is compatible with all the old and new versions of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars made from 2017 to date. The difference is just that the old Tesla Model 3 and Y cars have the Intel Atom GPU for the infotainment system and the new AMD Ryzen graphics processor (produced on or after December 1st, 2021).

The previous version of our 10.25-inch screen was and LCD screen but we decided to upgrade it to the new 10.25 inch IPS version with HD resolution. This comes with a lot of upgrades both to the hardware and software. Now the screen is much larger with comparatively thinner bezels that increase the viewable area ratio of the display.

Visual comparison of the old vs. the new 10.25-inch instrument cluster screens by Hansshow.Above: Visual comparison of the old vs. the new 10.25-inch instrument cluster screens by Hansshow.

Prolonged use of the Hansshow instrument cluster screen in your Model Y/3 doesn't hurt your eyes. The Blue Light filter in this new screen protects your eyes.

For an even smoother experience, the Hansshow Model 3/Y instrument cluster also synchronizes several information with the car's original center display such as speed, gear selection, battery status, speed limit warning and tire pressure monitoring, etc.

The new 10.25-inch Tesla Model 3/Y instrument cluster HUD is uses the Android 12.0 Snow Cone operating system. Our new screen also supports over-the-air (OTA) software updates to add new features and improve the existing ones.

An aftermarket head-up display instrument cluster for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y by Hansshow.Above: An aftermarket head-up display instrument cluster for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y by Hansshow. Designed in a way to provide crucial information during the drive with very minimal obstruction of the view for the driver.

Don't forget to use the promo code 'HSNews30' at checkout to get a massive limited-time 30% discount on Black Friday sales Buy Now.

Video: A look at the Hansshow Tesla Model Y/3 HUD screen.


We have recorded a 10-and-a-half-minute detailed video to demonstrate and explain the installation procedure of this Tesla Model Y & Model 3 aftermarket instrument cluster screen. You can watch the video below.

Installation of this screen requires some amount of technical experience and confidence. You can also seek professional help to install the screen if you feel uneasy with the process.

Please download and entirely read the User's Manual (PDF) of this product before beginning the installation procedure.

Video: Installing the new Tesla Model Y / 3 instrument cluster screen by Hansshow. 

Don't forget to use the promo code 'HSNews30' at checkout to get a massive limited-time 30% discount on Black Friday sales Buy Now.


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