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Elon Musk Loves The Rivalry Between Tesla Model S Plaid And Porsche Taycan

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that the rivalry between the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan in the Nurburgring is fun. Despite the prospect of the Tesla Model S Plaid with Track Pack potentially losing its crown to the upcoming Porsche Taycan GT, Musk looks like he's loving the competition. 

Why it matters: The Porsche Taycan was long considered to be the first real competitor to the Tesla Model S. But when the Model S Plaid was released, it completely decimated the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The Model S Plaid would go on to set a production EV lap record at the Nurburgring in September 2021 with a lap time of 7:35.579. 

Porsche would counter the Model S Plaid's feat with the Taycan Turbo S with Performance Kit, which completed the Nurburgring's 12.94-mile track in 7:33.350 in August 2022. It was only a couple of seconds faster than the Model S Plaid's 2021 record, but in racing terms, it was a solid win for Porsche. 

Tesla would reclaim the title from Porsche back in June 2023 when the Model S Plaid with Track Pack completed a lap around the "Green Hell" in 7:25.231. Unlike the 2021 record, the driver of the Model S Plaid with Track Pack used a round steering wheel. 

What's happening: Reports from the Nurburgring indicate that Porsche is currently testing the Taycan Turbo GT on the track. The vehicle looks great, with aerodynamic upgrades such as a large rear wing for rear downforce and improved performance.

As stated in a report from HotCars, an insider at Porsche's R&D department said that the Taycan GT should have over 1,000 horsepower when it reaches production. It will also feature a tri-motor setup that would allow the vehicle to perform better than ever before. Elon Musk's comment on X suggests that he is also looking forward to seeing what the Porsche Taycan GT can do.

Tesla, of course, may already have a car in store to respond to the Taycan GT. Prior to the Model S Plaid's release, Tesla listed a variant called the Model S Plaid Plus, which is supposed to offer extreme performance and extra long range. The Model S Plaid Plus was later removed from the Tesla configurator, but with the Taycan GT in the arena, Tesla may want to dust off its planned flagship car. 

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