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Last Call! Give the Gift of Tech This Season with a Hansshow Gift Card

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Looking for the perfect gift for the Tesla enthusiast in your life? Look no further than the Hansshow Christmas Gift Card, available in $1000 and $500 denominations. This handy gift card can be used to purchase a wide variety of Tesla accessories and upgrades, from touch screen displays to steering wheels to power trunks.

Here are just a few reasons why the Hansshow Christmas Gift Card is the perfect gift this holiday season:

    • Up to 10% bonus: Purchase a Hansshow Christmas Gift Card and get up to 10% of your gift card balance as a gift. This means you can give your loved ones even more bang for their buck. Buy the $1000 Gift Card and get $1100 (10% balance returned), or buy our $500 Gift Card and get $525 (5% balance returned).
    • Combine with discount codes: The Hansshow Christmas Gift Card can be combined with discount codes for additional savings. This means you can help your loved ones save even more money on their Tesla upgrades. Stack them up!
    • Loooonnnggg expiration: The Hansshow Christmas Gift Card is valid for 10 years, so your loved ones can use it at their convenience. In 10 years, Cybertrucks are probably already driving on Mars, and your Gift Card will still be valid.
    • Wide variety of products: Hansshow offers a wide variety of Tesla accessories and upgrades, so your loved ones are sure to find something they'll love. There's a reason why we're your Number 1 Tesla aftermarket accessories provider. 
    • Perfect for picky eaters: If you're not sure what to get your loved one, the Hansshow Christmas Gift Card is the perfect solution. They can choose something they'll love, and you can avoid the hassle of trying to guess what they want.

How to purchase a Hansshow Christmas Gift Card:

Hansshow Christmas Gift Cards can be purchased online here at the Hansshow website. You can choose from between a $1000 and $500 Gift Card, so you can find the perfect one for your budget.

The Hansshow Christmas Gift Card is the perfect gift for the Tesla enthusiast in your life. With up to 10% bonus, the ability to combine with discount codes, and a never-ending expiry date, the Hansshow Christmas Gift Card is sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces. So don't wait any longer, order your Hansshow Christmas Gift Card today!

Visit the Hansshow website today to learn more about the Hansshow Christmas Gift Card and to purchase one for your loved ones.

Or check out some of our best-sellers below.

Hansshow Model 3/Y F9 9 Inches Touch Screen CarPlay/Android Auto Smart Dashboard: Designed for the Tesla Model Y and pre-Highland Model 3 sedans, our flagship dashboard screen features a special design with a reserved air vent, ensuring that you can still enjoy your Tesla’s excellent HVAC system. Its large 9-inch screen is also a joy to use, with its special UI themes, adaptive day and night mode, and most of all =, display synchronization and steering wheel controls. 

Hanshhow Tesla Model 3/Y F68 CarPlay Dashboard Touch Screen: Powered by a high-performance Linux system, our F68 dashboard touch screen features support for Carplay and 5G connectivity. Its stunning 6.86-inch 2.5D HD screen displays vibrant and clear graphics, and its touchscreen interface provides quick access to apps and other functions.

Hanshhow Model 3/Y Rear Entertainment and Climate Control Touch Screen Display H7: The H7 is one of our most popular items, and for good reason. Designed for the pre-Highland Model 3 and Model Y, this Android 12-powered system integrates seamlessly with the Tesla OBD port to provide entertainment and other critical functions to rear passengers. 

A final word: Don't forget to place the code "HMORTON" upon checkout. This should give you 20% off your entire order from our online store. Do take note that this code applies to orders that are worth $80 and up. 

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