by Morton E. . Sep 27, 2023

New Tesla Ship Leaves Shanghai With Model 3 Highland Fleet

Image Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Aerial photos and videos taken at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal have revealed that another batch of vehicles from Tesla China has been shipped. The vehicles included the new Model 3, which has been opened for orders in several countries. 

Why it matters: Tesla only produces the Model 3 in two facilities — the Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Shanghai. Today, only Giga Shanghai produces the updated Model 3, so any orders of the vehicle are fulfilled by the facility. Fortunately, Giga Shanghai is also Tesla's largest factory by volume, so it is up for the task. 

This is also one of the reasons why Tesla China has been hard at work exporting the new Model 3. Earlier this month, a large fleet of Model 3 Highland units were spotted at the Shanghai port. And more recently, another ship has been spotted loading Teslas at the location. 

What's happening: Drone operator and Tesla watcher Wu Wa recently uploaded a video of the Asian Captain loading Teslas at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal. The video was short, though it also showed some new Model 3 units, including one painted in Ultra Red, being loaded into the ship. 

In comments posted on X, the drone operator stated that the vehicles that were loaded onto the Asian Captain were left hand-drive variants. Interestingly, Wu Wa also stated that the ship was docked in the Shanghai port for a couple of days, suggesting that it may be carrying not just Model 3s but Model Ys as well. 

Gigafactory Shanghai supplies both the Model 3 and Model Y to Europe and several other countries such as Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. 

What we have: While the new Model 3 is incredibly exciting, the vehicle will probably start deliveries in the United States next year. While you wait for the new Model 3, you may want to consider some of our accessories that could give your Model 3 — and Model Y — some "Highland"-inspired flair. 

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