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Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Pilot Line At Kato Road To Be Paused For 3 Months, Claims Insider

Credit: Tesla

Recent information from a Tesla insider has suggested that the production of 4680 battery cells at Tesla's pilot line in Kato Road will be paused for three months starting in November. The halt seems to be related to the company's efforts to upgrade and improve its 4680 battery output. 

Why it matters: Unveiled during Battery Day in September 2020, Tesla's 4680 cells are expected to help the company achieve its goal of hitting 20 million vehicles per year by the end of the decade. The batteries are a key component of Tesla's structural battery pack, which is expected to make vehicles safer and more cost-effective to produce. 

So far, the only vehicle that has received 4680 structural batteries was the Model Y AWD from Giga Texas. The vehicle has now been removed from the Model Y's US order page, but when it was available, it was known for having surprisingly conservative specs compared to the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance, both of which are equipped with older 2170 cells. 

What's happening: Citing a source familiar with the matter, Jon of the Cleanerwatt YouTube channel recently posted some interesting news about Tesla's 4680 pilot line in Kato Road, Fremont, California. The YouTube host said that prior to the shutdown, it seemed like Kato Road was still producing first-generation 4680 battery cells with first-generation manufacturing equipment. 

Previous comments from Tesla executives suggest that Giga Texas, another Tesla facility that produces 4680 cells, is already producing second-generation 4680 batteries. With this in mind, Tesla may be shutting down its 4680 pilot line in Kato Road to make way for upgrades that would allow the facility to also produce the company's newer 4680 battery cells. 

What experts are saying: Tesla Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino shared some comments about the company's new 4680 batteries during the second quarter 2023 earnings call. Baglino called the new battery the "cyber cell," seemingly hinting at its upcoming use in the Cybertruck. 

"Here in Texas, we're preparing to launch our Cybertruck cell, which is 10% higher energy density than current production. That was accomplished through process and mechanical design optimization. As we scale cyber cell production through the end of the year and early next, we should be in a comfortable place on cost per cell.

"Against our battery energy density targets, the cyber cell is at our expectations on a like-for-like electrochemistry basis, where we're yet to integrate silicon or in-house cathode production, both reviewed on Battery Day, which do bring significant further energy density and cost improvements," Baglino said. 

What we have: If you bought a base Model Y AWD in the United States before the variant was retired, you probably own one of the few Teslas today that are equipped with a structural 4680 battery pack. If this is the case, you may want to make your Model Y stand out a bit more. 

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