by Morton E. . Oct 18, 2023

Fresh Tesla Cybertruck Fleet Spotted At Giga Texas, Leads To Delivery Speculations

Image Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer/X

A fleet of nine Tesla Cybertrucks was spotted at Giga Texas on October 16, leading to rumors that the all-electric pickup truck's first delivery event may really be just around the corner. 

Why it matters: Tesla is set to announce its Q3 2023 earnings on October 18, and analysts have suggested that Tesla may announce a Cybertruck delivery date during the earnings call.

Tesla has previously targeted October for the first Cybertruck deliveries, but the company has delayed production several times, according to Inside EVs. With Cybertrucks being spotted left and right in recent weeks, it does seem like the production of the all-electric pickup truck is well underway. 

What they're saying: Drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer shared his observations in a comment: 

"Gigafactory Texas on 16 October 2023! This is where Model Y's and Cybertruck production happens! ... we do see nine Cybertrucks in the outbound lot today and an additional 7 near the crash testing facility. Most of the Model Y's on site today are in the outbound lot, which also is getting what appears to be a new trailer and tent complex on the southwest corner, possibly as part of the End-of-Line extension to prepare vehicles for shipping," Tegtmeyer said. 

The big picture: The Cybertruck has been making the news more and more often in recent weeks, with sightings being reported almost daily. While Tesla has not released any new information on specs, pricing, production capacity, or other details, analysts have estimated that Cybertruck production could hit 260,000 units annually by 2025.

If Tesla's past delivery events are any indication, we can expect just a handful of Cybertrucks to be initially handed off to customers, most likely Tesla employees. With this, the company could get the electric truck out into the real world for more testing, and it could focus on ramping up production volume.

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