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Tesla Cybertruck Moves From Development Stage to Its Tooling Stage

Tesla Cybertruck  

Tesla formally changed its prior "In Development" designation for the Cybertruck to "Tooling" this quarter.

As new builds of Cybertruck were seen at Giga Texas, there are some exciting updates.

In addition to disclosing its objectives, Tesla released record financial figures for the year's third quarter. The Q3 shareholder deck states that the Cybertruck was most notably moved from the development stage to the tooling stage.

Elon Musk refused to provide additional information about the Cybertruck or other upcoming goods. However, Tesla affirmed that the manufacture of the Cybertruck from its Texas GigaFactory is still on schedule for mid-2023. The Shareholder Deck provided further information, the most notable being that Cybertruck is no longer "under development."


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"Tooling Phase" is consistent with a recent IDRA film produced for Giga Press. It depicts the setup of a 9,000-ton die-casting machine at Giga, Texas. The front, rear, and back of a  Cybertruck must be stamped using two Giga presses operating side by side.

Before a vehicle enters production, Tesla sets up the equipment on the assembly line in the tooling phase. There is still a long way to go to complete everything and calibrate the equipment for the Cybertruck to roll off the assembly line next year, even though this does not indicate that it will do so anytime soon.

It explains why the Cybertruck bodies were at Giga, Texas, the previous week. They were reportedly produced in Fremont by Tesla. Until Giga Texas can take over, 4680 battery cells for the Cybertruck are also purchased from the same plant.

Given that Giga Texas is also constructing the Model Y with 2170 cells, just like Giga Berlin, the production of 4680 cells is not proceeding as expected. Musk stated during the results calls that ramping up the 4680 cell output would not be necessary for Cybertruck production. This suggests that Tesla might use its plentiful supply of 2170 cells to power the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Giga Press

Tesla Cybertruck Giga Press

Source: Teslarati

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