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Tesla To Start Selling Cars On, One Of China's Largest E-Commerce Platforms, Claims Report

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Tesla is reportedly expanding its presence in the Chinese market by selling its electric vehicles through, one of China's most prominent e-commerce platforms. The move aims to bolster Tesla's sales and provide consumers with an additional avenue to purchase their electric vehicles, according to local media outlet LatePost.

Why it matters: Tesla does not use traditional auto dealerships. Instead, it opts for a direct sales model, a practice consistent worldwide. In place of franchised dealerships, Tesla employs physical stores, akin to companies like Apple, where customers can place orders for its electric cars.

In China, Tesla also operates official flagship stores on various online platforms such as, Tmall, and Douyin. However, these stores mostly offer peripheral products, such as merchandise, and do not provide options to purchase the company's cars. Tesla's flagship store on opened in February this year.

Tesla has made previous attempts to sell its vehicles on online platforms. In 2014, Tesla launched a flagship store on Tmall that allowed for Model S purchases. However, the program was terminated within a week, reportedly due to dissatisfaction from Tesla's US headquarters, as reported by LatePost.

What's happening: The decision to collaborate with a local e-commerce platform like would mark a strategic shift for Tesla, although it does provide the company with an additional means for consumers to order its cars. Citing a person familiar with the matter, LatePost stated that after launches its Tesla car ordering service, customers would also be able to place deposits for their vehicles on the platform.

This system, however, is still in development, as noted by the publication. Both Tesla and reportedly declined to comment. If accurate, Tesla China would likely experience a surge in orders, which would be beneficial to the company amid the rollout of vehicles like the new Model 3.

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