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Tesla Model Y On FSD Saves Driver From High-Speed Crash

Image Credit: @gurichattha/X

A Model Y owner shared his appreciation of Tesla's safety features after the vehicle's Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system prevented a potentially deadly accident. The incident was captured on video by the Model Y's built-in dashcam.

Why it matters: Tesla's work on vehicle safety has been extensive. All the company's vehicles have performed extremely well in safety tests. The Model Y alone achieved excellent marks in safety tests in the United States and abroad. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always maintained that systems like Autopilot and FSD are safety features at their core. Yes, they make driving so much easier, but they will always be systems that are designed to protect drivers and their passengers. 

To accomplish this, all Teslas are equipped with a variety of active and passive safety features. AEB is quite underrated, but it is extremely important, and as the short video clip from the Model Y owner shows, it could also be the difference-maker in potentially deadly situations. 

What happened: According to Tesla Model Y owner Guri C, he was driving on FSD Beta with his child when he noticed that his vehicle was not going on green. Thinking that the system probably just needed prompting, the Tesla owner pressed on the accelerator. Even with this, the Model Y would barely move forward. 

The Tesla owner stated that FSD ultimately just "freaked out and slammed the brakes." At that moment, the Model Y owner realized why AEB was triggered. As it turned out, there was a speeding car coming from the left side. Had the Model Y gone forward, the speeding vehicle might have crashed into the Tesla. 

"At the speed he was going, I'm sure it would've been catastrophic if he hit me. My son was next to me in the passenger seat, too. I pulled over after the intersection and took a few breaths of appreciation," the Model Y driver wrote in a post on X. 

What experts are saying: Former Microsoft & current innovation strategist Robert Scoble posted some of his thoughts on the FSD video. According to Scoble, the roads will indeed get safer as technologies like FSD get more refined. 

"Disruption is here. We can see it in the streets in Silicon Valley. Tesla is taking over. Because it made the right technology choices. it is getting better at an exponentially increasing rate. So, soon, it will be better than any human at driving. In this way it already is," Scoble said.

What we have: Teslas are already the world's safest vehicles, but we at Hansshow believe that you can never be too safe. To this end, we offer our Model 3/Y Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen Forward Blind Spot Camera, which should help you see your surroundings better on the road. 

The camera setup is plug-and-play, and it could be installed without affecting the Model Y's functions. It's a simple mod, but one that can also make your vehicle safer. 

Safe driving out there!

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